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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 22 December 2011

If you haven't got a penny..

A ha'penny will do...

I made my mini Chrissy puds today. I used approx 400g of fruitcake and a good splash of a brandy/rum/alcohol from Spain. :-) I cut up the fruit jellies from Adelaide to make the 'holly' (which took ages).

No idea what they taste like, but they look pretty. :-)

I also want to try making these:
Rudolf tartlets
but I'll have to find substitutes for most of the ingredients. They look cute tho.

Hope everyone's Xmas planning is going well - we're off to the cabin on Friday so I'll look for you online tomorrow (your Thursday pm).


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Dear little-big sister,

Hope you have a wonderful day full of wonderful things!
Did you get breakfast in bed?

Happy Birthday!!!

*big hugz*

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Happy 18th Carolynn

Dear Carolynn,

Hope you had a fabulous 18th birthday and that the year is full of everything good.

We look forward to seeing photos of your party.


Aunty dayna & unkie bruce

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat

Please put a penny in the old man's hat...

Hi all,

We're going to be spending Christmas in a log cabin in Devon this year. I'm hoping to have internet so I can chat to everyone but we may need to play it by ear a little.

Anyway, I'm trying to get everything organised before we go and I want to make those cute little Christmas Puddings that Nana and Mum make.. I've found a few recipes on the internet but I want the fail-safe/tried-and-tested variety.. and I thought you guys might like it to.

So, Mum (or Lisa?), could you please put the Mini Christmas Pudding recipe in the comments to this post?

I'm sure I've had the recipe in the past (I must have, I made them 2 years ago and Bruce's Dad liked them - which is why I want to make them again)... but I can't find it now.


-the Xmas Elves-

Monday, 28 November 2011

School's Finished...For now anyway

So I have finally finished school, until I find out about Uni or TAFE. I feel confident about my exams but hate the wait to find out about my results. I've been driving heaps, I don't realise how much time mum spends in the car because I'm doing all of her driving when I'm home which is good :) I'm upto 27 hours only another 93 hours to go. I'm helping out with the step up week at Bendigo Senior, I did so much walking aroud on friday helping students find classes and carrying the food and drinks for the BBQ lunch, I felt it on saturday.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

getting organised

Thank you for the info on the international finances. I'd love to borrow a money belt. Hoping my ING card will be good for overseas.Today I booked accommodation for Chris and Emma's wedding. We have a suite and a cottage at Fleurbaix, as close to Fortnums (where the wedding will be) as we could manage. (about a kilometer). Also paid RACV for travel insurance and made a Christmas cake. Smells good. Always made Dad decide to made a boiled fruit cake he could eat immediately.
After all the rain yesterday, today is glorious. Think I need to get out the electric hedge trimmer and tackle the bush although it seems a shame when it's about to flower. leaving the big hedge to Dave. He was at Mum's today and has a big job when he gets here.
Julie and John Gibson are coming for afternoon tea tomorrow and I had a call from Sue Wall (Hay) to see if I wanted to go to a dance there next weekend. Can't because it's the Red Hat Christmas party on Saturday.
Trip to Tocumwal next Wednesday. Leaving at 7.45am so an early start.
I know Christmas is coming but I haven't got on to that yet.
Hope all are doing well. Chat soon on Skype or the hangout.

Friday, 25 November 2011

French-Roberts update

Mum seems to be doing most of the posting so I thought I'd better update on things here. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner, I'm not really prepared but there's so much happening before then. We've got break-ups happening every week - the Uniting Church invites playgroup to theirs, we have HIPPY (the program Trinity's been in these last 2 years), Connections, and we're having one just for playgroup this year as well. Usually once the church Christmas party has happened there's no playgroup but Julie-Anne and I have decided to go for 2 more weeks and finish the week before school breaks up. The feedback has been good, one mum said it's hard to find things to do in the holidays so she appreciates playgroup going that bit longer. The only thing is that the ladies that help out in the kitchen (cutting up fruit, setting the table, cleaning up afterwards) won't be there but the mums are all happy to help out. Tamara said she'll do it as long as we don't mind watching her boys and I've volunteered Carolynn as well LOL

Carolynn is waiting for her results now, then in January she'll find out if she gets to go to uni. In the meantime she gets to do some driving. I seem to spend quite a bit of time in the car LOL It means that Carolynn's hours are going up gradually. She won't have enough to go for her licence when she turns 18 but hopefully by the time she is 19 she'll be driving the laser around.

Now it's time to go to playgroup, we're making ants on logs (sultanas on celery and cream cheese) and fruit kebabs for snack today. Hopefully we'll have another quiet day today, it's easier when we've got under 10 children :)


I'm looking at accommodation near Sasssafras for Chris and Emma's wedding next March. Glenn and Dee, do you know of any that aren't online? I thought you may be prepared to give Josie, Rob and family a bed at your place if they needed one. Only 60 guests so no cousins I'm afraid. Denise, Pete, Mum and I thought we could share if we can find somewhere with easy access for Nana. Have a couple of possibilities near Olinda but they are disappearing fast.

Good news

Rob Hamilton is in remission. He still needs to finish a the chemo and have the radiation course but from the PET scan, he is in remission. I guess that means they can't see any cancer, but still can't understand why they couldn't check dad a second time like that. We did ask but they said it wouldn't show anything.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Booked the tickets

Today I booked my flights to (and from) Birmingham. I leave here on Friday 27th April at 6pm and arrive at Birmingham at 12.35pm Saturday 28th April. Flying Emirates so we have a stop at Singapore and Dubai on the way. I have two straight through flights on the way home on Saturday 30th June, with only a Dubai stop. Airport bus transfers are well timed (but not so close there could be a problem, I hope). Still sorting travel insurance. Need advice on how to carry money and how to send some so I have some there. We'll chat Dayna.
I've given Lisa the money for three shares in the bracelet she ordered for Auntie Denise's 60th, so you are all on the card that I'll deliver tomorrow with the bracelet. It arrived yesterday and Lisa wrapped it today.
My advice on Carolynn's present is the universal gift card (known as cash) for any who ask. Lisa mentioned a JB HiFi gift card but with mine she can spend it anywhere and it doesn't run out of time.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Exciting news last night at Denise's 60th birthday. Chris and Emma announced their engagement. Wedding will be 31st March ( not clashing with my Red Hat Goldrush or my trip to Wales) in Sassafras since that is only 20 mins from home for them. She flashed the bling to let us know. Nanna was prepared and we chose a gift and made a card this morning, then went to Denise's.
I spent the night at Nanna's because my car had been showing a red battery (which the RACV man this morning told me meant the battery wasn't charging). Problem is a shredded alternator belt. Solution is to take it to a garage. I'll ring tomorrow to see if that will be to the RACV or to Col's. The RACV will tow it regardless. It's at Nanna's so I might need to uncover the Torana if I need wheels, or I might get plenty of walking happening.
Frustrating since the vaccuum has also thrown a belt (maybe more) I found the directions so might try taking that apart and then I'd just need a new belt.(once I have a car to go get it)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Planning a trip

After a wonderful two weeks visit from Dayna and Bruce, I decided to start sorting my visit to them. Got some prices on an April to June stay. At the moment Malaysia or Qatar are offering the best prices from Flight Centre. Dayna, what dates would suit you. I guesstimated 26th April to 25th June on my request but wanted to check on any dates to suit you. Best to get to London on a weekend? and similar for leaving?

Val and Peter Loomes are coming for a visit this weekend. Probus on Monday, Spinners on Wednesday, Denise Drysdale on Friday. Need to fit in visit to Fairthornes and make some Christmas puddings. Not sure if Denise's birthday dinner is the 19th or 26th. Trinity tells me her school fair is this Friday and I have a Red Hat meeting on Friday afternoon.

Visitors mean I'll clean on Saturday morning and I've already washed sheets and remade the spare bed. Think we might have fish and chips or chinese for tea.(so much for my diet?) Still trying to get some order in my room but at least I've put the suitcase away and most of the now clean clothes. Wondering how your flight went Dayna and Bruce.

Today I weeded the tomato bed. Mostly I weeded out tomatoes and pumpkins so I've tried to plant them in better places. After much rain, I was amazed at how dry the ground was in some places. This is why my house still needs work. Jared will come and mow again over the weekend. Much needed although it's only been a week and a half since he last did it.

Hope Carolynn's exam went well today.

Back on the knitting that is still very confusing. fingers crossed it will work out in the end.

Lots of love and hugs to you all from Mum

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Melbourne Cup Sweep

To give Bruce a proper taste of Australia and the Melbourne Cup, we've organised a Cup Sweep and you all have horses. Winner gets a UK Chomp.

The draw occurred this morning at Mum's and was undertaken and overseen by Mum, Bruce, Lisa, Carolynn, Daria and myself. 

2Jukebox JuryAuntie Denise
4Drunken SailorMum
5Glass HarmoniumCheryl
7Unusual SuspectBruce
8Fox HuntPete
9Lucas CranachNana
12Red CadeauxJared
13Hawk IslandOscar
15Lost in the MomentTrinity
17At First SightDayna
18Moyenne CornicheCarolynn
21The VerminatorLily
24Older Than TimeCarolynn
Good luck everybody!

Happy Halloween!

Happy fright-night everyone.

We went away this weekend, off down the coast to the Cumberland River campsite just past Lorne. Gave Andy (and Jules) a little taste of camping, although we stayed in a cabin -- which turned out to be a good thing, given the weather. Is it weird to get nostalgic when watching peoples' tents getting blown over, just as ours did those many years ago when we were last here? Watching from the comfort of a gas-fired room, of course.

Happy to say that we had a bunch of proper "occa" Aussies in the next cabin, so in one night Andy got more exposure to our authentic culture than is in a whole box-set of Kath & Kim. Unfortunately, the truly golden highlights of their conversation (which we listened to from the relative safety of our own little fire pit, giggling at the inanity) aren't exactly suitable for this bandwagon. (In one, a man was describing something he saw on a footy-trip/buck's night/Thailand trip, loudly and with great enthusiasm. Dee, who was sitting opposite me across the fire-pit, confirmed it: "Yep, he's got his pants down.")

LOL. No, literally.

Last night we celebrated Halloween with a couple of purportedly scary movies, both which were hilarious: Silent Hill (should've stayed a computer game title only) and the classic Poltergeist ("This houyahse is cleayahn!" "No it isn't." "Yah're rahght!").

Spook to ya later, fam!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Happy (belated) birthday Glennji!

Hey little brother,

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend and everyone has given you lovely presents!
We'll be bringing one with us. :-)

-dayna- & brucey

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Happy birthday in memory, Dad

Happy birthday Dad - love you, miss you.

I didn't have my Tullamore Dew with fish and chips today (had to work instead)..

Anyone want to join me to raise a glass in remembrance when I'm visiting?

Monday, 3 October 2011

Happy birthday Damien

Happy birthday little brother, hope you had a brilliant one with your beautiful family! :-) You'll be happy to hear that, as your duly appointed representative, I blew out the candles AND ate your cake.
No need to thank me.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Welcome Lily

Dear Lily Sofia,

Happy birth day. Your Mum, Dad and big brother Oscar are very pleased to finally meet you.

You have a large family who are also eager to meet you - have you met Nannie and Nana yet? Unkie Bruce & I can't wait to visit in about two months.

See you then. *big hugz*

-aunty dayna-

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cockatoo visit

Lovely to meet little Jules and have plenty of Nanny cuddles. I'll try to upload a few photos.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Baby update

This morning we had our 36week midwife appointment. Damien got to come along as well which was really good (he has missed the last few because Os has been asleep). We were very interested to find out how baby is lying. The last two appointments she has been transverse (lying sideways with her head on my right) but she had since seemed to have moved. The midwife had a bit of trouble locating the baby's head so we had a quick ultrasound and the baby's head was down, but after a second opinion from the doctor we were told the baby is actually lying oblique (on an angle with her head towards my left hip). So she had turned a lot and maybe a little too much!! We're booked in for an extra appointment with the doctor next week where we'll see if the baby has moved again and if not talk about our options. Apart from moving around into the wrong position, everything seems to be going alright. A lot of kicks and movement, especially in the evening. I've been feeling a lot more mobile than I did with Oscar at this stage... I've been doing a bit of shopping and we've been out for dinner a few times, and I can still get up from the floor! :)
Oscar is doing well. He's still at childcare the same two days a week until next week... gives him something different to do (staying at home involves a lot of tv watching while mummy rests :-\ ) and it also gives me a break. Recently he has been doing a lot of singing. Even if he doesn't know all the words he still gets the tune right so we know what song he's singing! It's especially impressive when he sings a song we haven't taught him.
Damien is going well, also. He has been really busy getting things organised... carpet cleaning, lawn mowing, tree chopping and all the other household jobs that I can no longer do! I'm very grateful for all the work he does :) Our next job is to finish tidying our room so that we can move the bassinet in there.
That's about it from us! Hope everyone else is doing well, also :)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Happy Birthday Chez!

Happy birthday Chez! I know there wont be any drinking and/or carousing but I hope you enjoy your day (and we'll eat plenty of cakes at lunch :D)

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Happy Birthday Trinity

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Trinity
Happy birthday to you!

hope you have a fantastic day!
keep your eye on the post - we sent your present yesterday.

*big hugz*

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Happy Birthday Mum

Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing day, Mum. I'm sure the roses enjoyed the haircut. hope lunch tomorrow is tasty & your birthday celebrations continue for as long as possible. :) I'll bring your pressie in October. :)
*big hugz*

Friday, 29 July 2011

Welcome to the world Jules

Congrats Glennji & Deeji on your bundle of joy. Looking forward to meeting the new nephew in October (and seeing all the nieces & nephews!)
*big hugz*
(yes, I've posted this in the past.. ooOo time travel. ;) hehe)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mom says fibrocartilaginous embolism isn't good for dogs

Whilst I wait for a release to build -- gotta love being a programmer -- I thought I best pen a quick update on the trials and tribulations of our "little" puppy Lucy, who is due to come back from a two-night stay at a specialist vets today.

On the weekend she fell at the bottom of the stairs, and while I didn't see it the noise was an almighty thump and she seemed a bit shocked afterwards. I gave her a hug and she ran up the stairs, but stumbled again at the top and almost fell over. It was heartbreaking! I sat her down on her bed and ran my hands over her to see if she'd actually broken anything.

Since that time she was having trouble walking, her back paw "knuckling" over and sliding on the wooden floors. When she didn't seem to be improving, we took her to the local vet, who suggested a spine or brain injury (!!) and referred us to a Dr. Peter Laverty, who was kind enough to slip us in between his other patients.

Overnight observation showed she wasn't improving (very quickly, anyway), so we signed the release for a myelogram. This x-ray was not without its risks, but would locate the problem and tell us whether she needed surgical intervention.

Another nervous night (her timing sucks -- with Dee about to go into labour any second, we really need our rest) and morning and we get the results: it is not a compression or swelling, so it is very likely a random "spinal stroke" (fibrocartilaginous embolism) that will fully heal itself over the next 6-weeks -- it could've been much worse! Dr. Laverty suggested that it was more likely that the fall was due to the stroke, not the other way 'round. Lucy will still not be allowed downstairs for a long time yet.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

This week is the week

A recent ultrasound suggested Dee has "polyhydramnias" - that is, too much amniotic fluid - and the follow-up had the specialist ready to do a Caesarian on the spot (practically), but Dee obviously wanted a second (and third!) opinion from her doctor and midwife.

On Friday we got that opinion, and now the game-plan is set: if little Jules hasn't arrived by Thursday we're into the hospital overnight for inducing Friday morning. And if he can't be induced, ol' sawbones McGee is standing by for a c-section. Either way the lad is coming out!

It is still more likely that he'll come on his own this week, statistically speaking, but just in case we've asked Dee's ma to come over and look after the place for a few days.

It will be great to finally meet the little guy!

Friday, 22 July 2011


I know, I know, we've already said it.. on facebook.. google plus.. some people maybe even in person. But dammit, this is tradition, so here we go..


Happy Birthday Dayna!!

Have a brilliant day bringing science to the masses, and an awesome weekend!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Web page designers

Kerry and John Dunn have bought a motel in Kyabram. They need a web site and Kerry asked if anyone in my family did that sort of work. If you are interested, I'll get her to contact you directly. Any takers?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

more tidying up

Sorry I forgot the camera. Today at Lisa's I moved things around in the living room, made pikelets for lunch and sorted the plastics cupboard. Carolynn worked in her room filling the new drawers. Lisa cleaned the bathroom, toilet and then started on her room. She found and moved out the cot but her bed was full of clothes when I left at 4pm ish( with the cot mattress.) Ian, the landlord, called in to check Adam's reports of mould. He will replace the bathroom fan but thinks the mould is due to the number of people in the house, the lack of circulated air, overcrowding. He congratulated Lisa on what she manages to achieve. He will try to find the key to the windows so they can open the windows on a sunny day. I brought in the washing and put out the last load so more moisture in the air to try to dry the washing.
Tomorrow I'm going at 8.30am so that Lisa can take Carolynn to the dentist at 9am without the little girls. We'll continue the clean up while Adam is away although he said Pat may bring the trailer when they return on Monday to clean up the yard. Not holding my breath on that one. If Lisa can manage to sort her room the passage is next job in line. Couldn't fit the panels for Jared's room in the car but he is private as long as Daria can be kept out. I'm joining Probus for lunch at the Manchester Arms. I'll call to try to get my heater checked out in the afternoon. Ian, Lisa's landlord, will get a new fan for the bathroom and fit it sometime next week.
I have the Wool Show Tuesday and Thursday and then on Friday and Sunday. The Red Hatters have a cocktail party at Strathfieldsaye on Saturday night, but I have a ride so just need to get the cooking done. That will be a busy week and I turned down the opportunity to have a boarder from the Sheep Show for the weekend. Off to Ballarat to see John Ives on Monday and will go to lunch at John and Kerry's then home. Next week should be quieter???

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

No power tools

Today I sawed the pieces of panelling we can use for Jared's walls. Hope Lisa and Jared can move anything that won't like to be hammered from their respective bookcases. I've also pulled out the shoe tidies so we can put one up for Jared and one for the little girls. The fluro desklight was repaired with a new globe so is good to go too. I'm ready for another session on Saturday. Lisa I'll be home tomorrow until lunch time but I think you are going out to Latrobe with Carolynn.
Great school reports for Carolynn, Jared and Trinity. Carolynn has had a driving lesson in wet weather so tick that off.
Glenn and Danielle I have more 0000 clothes , this time from Damien and Cheryl(blue). I'll hold them until we see how big your little man is.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

Ignore me: I'm trying out the "send to Facebook" button that I've just added to the bottom of each post -- if it works, it means you can publish here, then click "[f] Send" at the bottom of the post and type "Family" to send a link to that group on Facebook -- let's try it, eh?

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The week that was

Hi all. Thought this the best way to catch you all and I 'll post a reminder on FB to check in because I don't and I hadn't seen Damien's last post.
Games I have for the Wii are Play Motion, Crazy Mini Golf 2, Family Game Show, Just Dance, Mariocart and Wii Fit plus. All still unopened because I'm too busy.
What power tools do you want Damien? Glenn has the sander at the moment. Dayna's drill set is here and I'm keeping the Makita one Dad bought most recently.
We did get Jared set up in his own space yesterday. Think we could attach some panelling to the back of the bookcases to make walls. Lisa the large panels are 4 ft wide. I think we could cut two down to 3 ft to fit the bookcases and maybe use another one as a door that Jared can pull across when he wants to say the door is shut. We'll probably have to use a hand saw to cut them. I found a powerboard for him.
Maybe Adam should look at this diet Damien and Glenn are using if Damien is getting results. I want to know more especially when you can eat pizza and icecream on your free day.
lisa I'm free next weekend again if you want to do more. You can call to collect the drawers for Carolynn and the panelling on Tuesday or Friday morning if you want so Carolynn can get on with her room.
Shopping with Denise on Monday but no idea of times. Lunch out with Nana on Tuesday but home before and after unless I stay for coffee with you all. Spinners on Wednesday, home by 3ish, Exercise Thursday then out for afternoon tea at the Gibson's and maybe square dancing with Denise at night. Meeting Friday afternoon.
Photos of the new rooms wanted. I'd like Adam to move some of the adult books to his two bookshelves to free up the bookshelf in the passage for the children's books. Bring the cot and mattress back here when you collect the foam mattress for Daria. So much easier to plan than to do but we are making progress.

Monday, 27 June 2011

I want more power tools

We've got a bit of a break between visitors so I thought I should write a quick update.

We were expecting Darryl at some point before the baby was born, but he surprised us by calling us a few days before the weekend to say he'd be here along with his family. Luckily I had just spend a large chunk of the previous weekend cleaning the spare room (for the guys to come and fix our shutters) so we were okay. It was great to see Darryl, Alicia, Charlotte, William and Spencer, and although Oscar got a little upset about having to share his toys early in the week (especially after his nap when he was still tired) by the end of it he was happily (for the most part) playing with everyone. He seemed to like following Charlotte around, copying her, and later he and Spencer both copied each other.. which was good, because they were playing together, but not so good if they both wanted to play with one little toy :) I think it's a small taste of what's to come for him though. Daz was brilliant.. he made us the wardrobe (which we're still in the process of filling), fixed up the front security door, reattached the linen press door.. just generally did those tasks you really need power tools to do. We repaid him as best we could with beer and chocolates, but I think we still owe him big time.

This weekend Rach arrives, which will be great too. She's staying for a week, and I know Os is going to love having family here who don't want to ride on his bikes or read his books ;) Sadly Rach wont be bringing power tools to fix up whatever is left, but that's okay.. I think Chez has got a day off work so I'm sure they'll get up to no end of hijinks.

Speaking of Chez, she's doing really well. Only 10 weeks to go, and the little girl is very active. Os calls her "baby sister" and occasionally points out toys for her :) The time seems to be flying by now. We put up some photos of Cheryl so you can see her belly too.. I don't think it's as big as it was for Ossie. Either way I'm sure you'll agree she looks beautiful.

And me.. I'm on a weird low-carb diet. I'll write more about that when it's over if you're interested.. Then I'll have final numbers and the like. Either way, it seems to be netting a result for me, which is good.. because I do miss delicious carbs.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

The big clean up

Today we moved Adam to a different area. He decided he would rather be in the corner of the lounge so some changes happened on the day. By late afternoon, Adam was repacking his things in the corner of the lounge. His desk had been repaired and the area for Jared was mostly clear. Lisa cleaned the windows and washed the curtains and we cleaned the floor and vaccuumed the walls.
I think tomorrow will be a day for them to catch up on the cooking and get settled. Maybe next weekend we can collect the bookcases for Jared's wall and set up his bed.

Friday, 3 June 2011

We have a new floor!

We got a floor laid today! Just one of the many, many benefits of being a pregnant woman (*Glenn ducks*) is you can ask for special treatment, like "as early as possible because we've got a baby coming". Dee found the flooring company on Monday and found out that "as early as possible" was before the end of the week! Good stuff! So last night we moved out all the furniture and ripped up the last little bit of carpet, then slept with the mattress on the floor where our dining table should be. Dee was happy to find it wasn't as hard to get up from the floor as she worried it would be. (Lucy woke us nice and early, of course, although arguably it was harder for her to lick us since she had to bend down.)

Rock and AJ (real names?) turned up this morning and got to work: we put up a drop-sheet across our door to block out the dust (but not the noise), then left 'em to it. Lots of hammering and grinding from behind the orange curtain, so Dee took the car out for a service and I put on some headphones. "A nice hardwood floor...", Tasmanian oak? Something like that. They were finished by about two o'clock, with another 24-hours before we can walk on it (so camping out again tonight); in a couple of weeks (once it has settled I suppose) they're back to sand and polish it. It already looks good!

Lucy was a reasonably good puppy during all the ruckus, although we had to block off her path with sheets of plasterboard because she just wanted to help. By the afternoon she'd grown used to it, and went outside to harass the neighbours little dogs. So funny to see muddy little "Milo" or yippy "Hannah" chasing a big black Great Dane around the yard! Considering that Lucy has been sneaking into Milo's yard and stealing his toys, I'm not surprised he chases her.

So we are slowly but surely getting something like settled. This floor was a big one, as it really brings the room together with all the painting, plastering, sanding and amateur-carpentary we've done over the last month or so. French-doors this weekend, getting it polished before the end of the month, a couple of rugs, photos and/or paintings, a little bookshelf cabinet by the door and we're done with our bedroom!

4D ultrasound

We had another ultrasound this week, a little check against heart defects (sonographer said it looked fine, but we haven't had the final confirmation from the doctor yet -- not worried). A nice little ultrasound centre in Berwick, and we found out the meaning of "4D scan" when she showed us his face in 3D ... and then he moved! Opening and closing his mouth just like a real baby might (and he's looking pretty baby-like now), it was amazing to behold. Technology is awesome! Science, you rock. They printed out a couple of 3D pics, with the digital copies on their way (can't scan the thermal-prints) so you might've seen the blurry pic from Flickr:


For me, seeing him move was another "wow" moment, like hearing his heartbeat for the first time. In these pictures, he's got his hands in front of his face so you can only kind of see half of him -- but who do you think he looks like?

(The sonographer also showed us around his head -- he's already got hair! That might change who you think he looks like?)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Thank you Dayna

Today I received a postcard with Paddington bear on it. Since I think it was posted when Nana's was, my Paddington has been travelling a bit. Lovely to get and I know you have found a place to live, while you were just going to look when you wrote the card.

Funeral to go to.

Just to let you know Auntie Joan (Papa Staley's older sister aged 90) passed away on Friday. She hasn't known anyone for a good while. I'll take Mum to the funeral on Wednesday morning. A celebration of a life well lived.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Movement at the Station

Little Squirty wasn't offering a swift kick to the stomach, but I'm fairly sure there was some first tentative steps to movement last night, I got Glenn to put his hand on my stomach and we both felt a little nudge at the same time, there were a few more squirms that Glenn could not feel. ...Well it was either the baby or some pretty weird gas.

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes on the new home! Glenn and I are loving it, the first 3 days were frantic shopping days, we still require a table and more importantly a couch! We picked up one of those awesome bendy-over lamps on sale from freedom for Glenn's lab, which we have started to paint, slow baby steps, I went a bit "Must get everything done" on a list of things that will probably take up to a year thinking that it was indeed possible to get it done in 3 days, I have never felt so much pain.. after reconsidering it is 10:54 and I'm still in bed.

Looking forward to a trip to Bendigo on the weekend for some more goodies.

Love to all, and big squishes.

Friday, 11 March 2011

The long way home concludes

Today Glenn and Dee collect the keys to their new house. Another step in their adventures. I'm sure they'll post photos when they get the internet sorted. They'll be back next weekend for another load. I know Les would have taken a trailer load and the way he packed it would have all got there in one trip. I'll be happy for the visits the extra trips mean.

Nana got the postcard from Dayna and just loved it. Waiting to hear how your move and new job are going. Much love and thoughts headed your way.

Today I'm out to lunch with the Red Hat ladies. A member is returning to England at the end of the month and she's invited us for lunch at her daughter's. Next Friday is a picnic in the park at Castlemaine. The group has certainly meant more socializing.

Now Glenn and Dee have moved on, I hope to lose the 2 kilos I've gained in the last few months. Difficult to do with my outings that include yummy lunches, but I'll see how I go. Glenn has downloaded more Zumba for me to help.

Lots of love to you all

Monday, 7 March 2011

Back again

Hi all. Well done Dayna for the birthday posts for Jared and Adam. Lisa said Adam has spent his Geek present now and is waiting for a parcel.

Now I'm back and I've bookmarked the page, I'll remember to check in more often.

Looking forward to the photos from Cardiff and soon there'll be photos from Cockatoo as well.

Two new babies this year will be very exciting.
Lots of love to all of you

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Happy Birthday Adam

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to yooouu
Haaapppyy biiiirthday toooo Adammmmm
Haaapppy birrrthdaay tooo yooooouuuu

Old man. ;-)
*hugz* from the wintery UK.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Happy Birthday Jared

By the magic of internet, I can make it look like we were online for your birthday. ;-)

Happy Birthday!!!

Hope you had a fabulous day and that you enjoyed playing Laser Force with Uncle Glenn.
Let us know when your pressie arrives!
*big hugz*
aunty dayna and uncle bruce

Friday, 25 February 2011

Monday, 21 February 2011

Obstinate li'l tyke

We had our third ultrasound today, and it was great to see the little tyke (and even better to see the li'l heart beating!) but try as she might, our sonographer could not get the scanner into position to tell us the sex.

It was a 10am appointment, and it's my theory that the little person to be was not used to being up so early -  the scanner showed him/her all curled up, feet crossed, arms over face and hands in fists. We prodded, moved, waited; nothing would make the bub move to a more 'helpful' position. "Gets that from you," Dee couldn't help but remark. "Just being cheeky."

We've got another scan next week, so fingers crossed.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Happy Birthday Bruce

Birthday boyOr: My belly-dancing debut

Once again it's been a long spell between posts. Since Mum's New Year wishes we've been keeping busy.

We've had a holiday in Germany (Frankfurt and Darmstadt to be precise) including setting off some fireworks for Silvester (New Year). Ooh eer (it's not illegal in Germany but I was scared by some of the antics we saw in the street!). Technically, we were on holiday before Mum's post but I didn't think anyone would be too picky. :)
Shiny Happy New Year!

I've travelled the country for a multitude of job interviews. I am extremely happy that one of them came through for me - even if finishing and moving is kinda stressful right now.

Ouzo time!And then last weekend we celebrated Bruce's birthday (3rd February - just for the record). He'd booked a table at Zorbas Dance - a local restaurant that sounded a bit strange. Every Friday and Saturday  they have Party Night with a 3-course meal, belly-dancing, plate smashing and more.

Bruce and his dad picked me up from the train station. Happily this meant that I didn't have to take my backpack to the restaurant and I  didn't have to walk far in my party shoes. ;) Our waiter for the evening was fab - he started the night with "The soup is minestrone, the cheesecake is strawberry and the service is appalling." (It wasn't - although the MC was a big scary man!)

A helping handFood was tasty; I had halloumi, vege moussaka and cheesecake while Bruce had pork and mushrooms, lamb and mushrooms, and cheesecake and mushrooms (without the mushrooms).  After food the crazy began - or as the MC put it: "Action time!"

Although it was Bruce's birthday, I'm sure I spent more time doing silly things! Highlights - dancing on the table, dancing out one door and in the other, the in-house belly-dancer making Bruce join her for a wiggle (I have video!) and, of course, being a Zorba Girl.

Very amusingAs far as I can tell, the only requirements for being a Zorba Girl is that you're a girl and you're at the restaurant. :)  After a few 'moves' on the dance floor we were shepherded into a side room and allocated costumes. It was up to us whether we put it over our clothes or not, so Georgie and I decided to follow Bruce's philosophy: if you're going to do it, do it properly! We shimmied, we wobbled, we had a good laugh. It made me think it could be fun to find a class. And maybe next time there'll be less belly to wobble. :-)

T'was a good evening and definitely strange. I spent more time on my feet than I expected but the party shoes were surpisingly comfortable - at least until midnight. ;)

Bruce enjoyed himself, that was the main thing.
Embarrassment timeGotcha

What's everyone else been up to?

*hugz* from us
Let the good times roll

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year for 2011

Happy New Year
Lots of hugs and love to all of my family and friends
Hope to see all of you this year and pray for health and happiness for all of us.