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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 26 May 2017

Legoland Adventures! Also teeth!

Hey, we actually did something this week!

So yeah, Ossie has an issue with a couple of his teeth (molar hypomin), where the enamel is soft and chalky and breaks down easily. This means his tooth is super sensitive, and unfortunately won't hold a filling, so eventually it'll need to come out. The Bendigo dentist we went to referred us to a specialist in Essendon. That specialist then referred us to an orthodontist in Bendigo (to get x-rays), and then we had to return to the specialist in Essendon, which we did last Friday.

The good(?) news is that his wisdom teeth are forming, so hopefully he should eventually be able to get the main problem tooth removed. In the meantime the dentist put a quick seal on the tooth to hopefully stop the pain, although obviously the seal wont stay in long term as the tooth continues to degrade. She's told us to give her a call in 6 months or so or if the seal needs work.

Because we were in Melbourne anyway we decided to make a weekend of it, and stayed at a little hotel in North Melbourne. By "little" I mean "one room with three beds, a fridge and a cupboard, and then a bathroom" little. Friday night we walked to the Queen Vic markets and from there caught the free tram into the city for an early dinner. It was nice to have a bit of time to walk around, even if we did spend most of it looking for a place where the kids would actually eat something ;)

Saturday morning we headed out to Chadstone Shopping Centre with the hope of getting into Legoland. It's possible to book ahead of time, but we had a voucher to get the kids in free, and couldn't book. Given every day seemed booked out until at least the afternoon we thought it very likely we wouldn't get in at all. Turning up at 10am, though, the guy said it was all booked out but we could go in anyway :D

You've probably seen Chez's FB photos. Suffice to say it was actually really fun! Pricey ($32 per person, even kids if you don't have the voucher) but we spent 4 hours there pretty easily. They had a couple of rides, some activities and a little cinema playing 15 minute 3d movies (4d, since they also had fans, sprinklers and a smoke machine they went off throughout).

They also had a room full of lego versions of iconic Melbourne buildings, some life-sized Lego Friends people.. yeah, lots to see and do. Getting there early meant there were no lines for any of it really, although around midday it started to get really busy. I would definitely recommend it, although like I said unless you have that voucher (from Coles maybe?) it is an expensive outing.

That evening everyone was pretty buggered so we headed to a local burger joint for dinner, about 5 minutes from our hotel.

Sunday we had a bit of a wander around Highpoint (and probably spent the least amount of money at Daiso to date) and then headed home and had dinner with Cheryl's siblings. They're continuing the Sunday dinner tradition even without Edith and Landon, and taking turns to host it.

It was really nice to have a holiday, and it will be our last for a long time (even though I worked long days to make up for missing Friday, there's been a few too many public holidays and missed work days this year, plus dentists aren't cheap) so we made the most of it.