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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Happy Birthday Jared!

Let me be the first to post your birthday wishes...


(Although it's only 8pm over here.. that makes it 7am in Bendigo, which is your birthday!)


Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Not as exciting as a Wii...

...but i've finally got internet at home again! yay!

So you can look forward to random posts from me again. Like this one. Today I joined the gym at the aquatic centre, and then went to a circuit class tonight.. i'm hoping I can get out of bed tomorrow! It was interesting to walk down the stairs after the class.. oops. :)

Hope eveyone is well..

Monday, 26 February 2007

Guess what wii got!

Hi all,
Cheryl and I have started house-hunting. We're meeting a morgage broker on Thursday, so last weekend we went to a few open houses. That's all very interesting, but it's not the point of this post.
In a half hour break between houses being open, we decided to check out a local shopping centre, and we actually found a nintendo wii! For the last couple of weeks we've been checking stores, I did a ring around last weekend to see if anyone had anything, and none of them did. I've been checking online stores all over the place as well. Turns out we just needed to head about 40 minutes south of the city and find a Target :)
So last night we spent about 2 hours playing tennis, bowling, shooting ufos, heaps of fun stuff. You all officially have to visit and try it out, it's awesome :)
Also yeah, we're looking to buy a house some time this year. But more importantly, wii. WII!
Here's our Miis (Avatars you use within all the sports games)



Friday, 23 February 2007

Manchester checking in!

Hi everyone.. sorry i've not been very active on the Bandwagon - I've not got internet at home yet. *pout* I ordered it with one company, but the modem they supplied didn't work with my computer, so I cancelled (within the cool-off period so no penalty). Unfortunately they'd already hooked up the broadband to the phone line (I didn't really know it didn't work until after that had happened) so it then took another week or so for them to get it OFF the line so I could sign up with someone else. *phew* But good news is that apparently i've got internet at home now.. i just don't have a modem yet (clever people at AOL activate your internet and THEN send you the modem - duh!)

Anyway, I'm finally settling in at work (went to a party on wednesday night and got another one to go to tomorrow night). My cold seems to mostly be gone now (about time!). I've not been walking as much as I want, but I'm going to join the Aquatic Centre this weekend - they've got a gym, aerobics classes, swimming pools and a sauna - so then i'll be able to make some better progress with my fitness.

It sounds like Dad's going to be pretty fit by the end of the renovations! And I'm impressed with Mum's efforts too - especially given the heat. Damien and Cheryl - thankyou for keeping up with the Bandwagon - and fitting it in with your fitness stuff. Your question about beating the heat.. well, it's certainly NOT hot here! Lately it's been about 7 or 8 degrees during the day (mild really).. a week or two ago it was around 1 degree! The spring flowers are a bit confused and are sprouting already, but I'm sure there will be another cold patch (or two). So I don't really have any suggestions for beating the heat.. I think my suggestions are just like what you said - shopping centres, swimming pools, movies, museums (they're usually air conditioned too).

Now my post is really long, I think I'd better stop. I'm also hungry and it's 6pm Friday night and I'm still at work! Definitely time to go! :)

*hugz* to all!

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Eaglehawk calling

Hi to all. I noticed the lack as well Damien. I don't like this new blog as i still only have the halloween header. It also seems much slower to load,
Yesterday to beat the heat I sat in our paddling pool. Combined with coming into the airconditioning, that's quite cooling. At work I did some air conditioner maintenance.(otherwise known as cleaning the filters.) That made heaps of difference. with our 35o days, we needed to do something. The overnight showers are good for the garden but tend to make everything sticky. I went to aquaexercise again on Tuesday. That's the best way to exercise.
We're both well. Dad has continued the renovations so we now have no floor in the area outside the kitchen. well really we have a board to cross from the kitchen to the back area. It's progressing well and Dad hopes to have a new floor in by next Tuesday.
Today I'm meeting Nana for lunch at the pub. ($6 special on Thursday) Thought Dad woould meet us there but he's into his voluntary computer work and he thinks lunch would take more than the half hour he allows.
I'm enjoying having Thursday free, It's my first Thursday off when I haven't gone to work.
I loved the Christmas DVD Dayna, Glenn and Dee. Thank you so much. I'll share with Nana today.
Love to all

Monday, 19 February 2007

Techniques for Summer

I used to say I didn't like any weather where the temperature was higher than my age. As i get a bit older it doesn't apply so much, but even 26 would be better than the 40 degree Saturday we had to sit through.
We have learned a few techniques for surviving 40 degrees in our brick shoebox without air conditioning, and here's some we experienced:

1. Go for a drive. The house doesn't have air con, but the car does.
2. Go to a shopping centre. Free air con and you can pick up lunch there too.
3. Go see a movie. Nice and chilly.
And my personal favourite
4. Go sit in the ocean.

Our Saturday went something like 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 4, 1

Doesn't help the 36 degree evening though. You can't sleep in the ocean. Well, i mean, you probably could, but who knows where you'd end up.

So what about you guys? Any other suggestions for Summer Avoidance?

Also, this is the third week with no posts from anyone else.. let us Adelaide people know what's been going on in Bendigo and the UK. I expect a new post for each of you, or there'll be trouble.

All's Quiet

Well, everyone has been a bit quiet, so I thought I'd better post something new. Trinity is 18 months (ok, nearly 19 months) now, and I finally took her in for her immunisation last Friday - the last until she is 4. I also took her to the MCHN a couple of weeks ago now, she is taller but hasn't put on much weight, so our chubby bubby looks stretched LOL. I think she is teething too, she has one tooth that hasn't cut that I've noticed is a bit sore looking, so today I have a little shadow... her wanting cuddles all day doesn't give me much time to clean up, but I can cuddle and type!
Let's see, Jared is still doing Lion Training, he went back last week after missing the first one. On Saturday they had a thing at the museum with the 4 new lions and a new dragon that both guys and girls can carry at the same time. They will be out again next weekend for a big Chinese New Year celebration in Bull St. There was a team photo in the Weekly - Mum, Dad, did you see it?
Carolynn has started learning the clarinet at school. Her teacher recommended a swab? cleaner, so we have bought one of those, and we may end up getting a stick of cork wax because she also said it was better than getting wax all over your fingers before you play. Dayna, thank you so much for letting Carolynn use your clarinet!! She needs to practise more though, I think she has practised once this last week, and then it wasn't for very long.
Well, Trinity is asleep, so I better make the most of my time. Hope everyone is well.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Those cats were fast as lightning

(Photo added by Cheryl)

Hi all,

Big weekend for us. On Saturday we went and saw "Shaolin Warriors: Legendary Masters of Kung-Fu" which was an amazing show. As well as various styles of kung fu, they also do tricks like lifting someone up with spears on their bare torso, cutting veges on their stomach.. one had a guy lay on 3 swords (blades up, obviously) with a two sided bed of nails laid on him with another guy on that and then a big block of something very heavy on that guy. Then another guy took a giant mallet and smashed the top block.

It was a little bit crazy ;) We bought a program, so i'll bring it up next time we come to Bendigo and you can see the photos. And at Christmas I trust Glenn will do all the tricks we saw.

On Sunday we spent the morning looking at beds, and finally bought on in early afternoon. The bed part was about $500, it's a great solid wooden base, and then we bought a mattress for $650 which was $100 off. After sleeping on that dodgy third hand mattress with holes and springs sticking out it's so nice to have a proper bed :) We were going to try to wait until we moved and then buy a new one, but we couldn't put it off any longer. Cheryl took a photo with her phone, so maybe she can post it or something.

And Sunday night we headed over to a friend's place to watch an incredibly disappointing game of football (Melbourne beat Adelaide with a goal in the last minute of overtime) and play some games on the wii. Man the wii is awesome.. I'm doing a contract job right now, and when i finish it that's where the money is going to go :)