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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Busy, Busy with Parties

Things have been very busy here with me helping out mum while she finished her Diploma and working lots, I've been doing the school run when needed and even slowly working out school lunches (mainly just Daria's because Trin now packs her own).

Two weeks ago we had Daria's party which went really well, was really nice weather so everyone played outside. I did heaps of cooking and made her Birthday cake, and this weekend is Trin's party, so lots more baking. She's having an anime themed costume party with anime-inspired food, and the Cat Bus from My Neighbough Totoro as the cake but I'm not telling her that it's a pinata cake with lolly stars in the middle. I will post pics of it when its made, that's today's job around Dr's appointments and getting the girls from school. 

Jarrad still hasn't got an answer on what could be wrong with him, this new Dr he's seeing has been the best and most helpful so far and has tested for everything and referred him to St Vincents in Melbourne to see a specialist there (can't remember what type though) because all the tests are normal. His mum's house in Bendigo also sold so we're looking for a car, we've been borrowing cars from mum, mostly the laser but I can't drive it so it means I walk more in the mornings (Pokemon Go is amazing for that) 

We've now been in our place for 6 months and everything's working properly now, our agent went on maternity leave 3 months ago and the person filling in for her got everything sorted!! Our normal agent is back (as far as I know) and things are back to not happening but nothing major needs work and no inspections. 

I think that's all from us, I'll let mum update with what's happing there :)

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Stomach bugs and headbutts

We’re all recovering from a stomach bug this week.

You may have already seen the photo: Jules bumped his head on Saturday, playing with a plastic crate we’d bought to allow us to put some of his older toys into storage ahead of his birthday. It wasn’t too bad, although it came up in a nasty bruise very quickly, and it was on top of two other head-bumps he’d given himself at preschool in the preceding week.

He was fine after a good cry, albeit a little more wary of the crate. The next morning, however, he was throwing up — a sign of potential concussion and head injury — so after a call to a nurses’ helpline we bundled him off to Sydney Children’s Hospital for a check-up.

A few hours later he got the all clear. One lymph node was up, apparently, but doctor suggested it was likely he had a bug of some kind. We kept him home from preschool on Monday to keep an eye on him.

He was back at school on Tuesday, but by then Danielle was feeling the first effects of the (now confirmed) stomach bug — we came home instead of heading to work. It hit me a few hours later, although not as badly — I’m not throwing up, just extremely queasy — and today we’re both just exhausted from the disturbed sleep and fever.

Cardiff capers

First things first, Bruce's visit with the prince. Ok, he didn't actually meet him but you can see that he got pretty close!

Apparently the day was a little bit frustrating - firstly, it was too windy for the helicopter to land so that delayed proceedings; secondly, the Gala Concert was an opera singer and B didn't enjoy it (especially as they kept stopping after each song because they expected Prince Charles to arrive... And then he didn't.. until it was almost over); thirdly, B had a school workshop to run that afternoon but since everything was delayed, they wouldn't let them onto campus until after Prince Charles had left, which meant a much later workshop and longer workday for B.

B's continued to be busy at work with Summer Schools, workshops, and random events. Whereas after a busy final week for me, I've been at home with my feet up (and occasionally answering emails to finish handover, which I'm happy to say I've done now).

The latest bumpdate is here:

We've had an interesting weekend - Saturday and Sunday nights I had itchy hands and feet, which is one of the things they say to watch out for. After speaking to someone on the phone Sunday morning, they suggested coming in for a blood test. Rather than going home, we headed in to town for lunch, shopping and to wait for results. As with many things on a Sunday, it took longer than expected and we were at home again by the time they phoned to tell me to come back in. We ended up being in the hospital from 5:30pm till 2:45am and most of that was waiting! Turns out a few of my results are off - none of them a huge worry by itself but in combination they point to a pregnancy liver issue and increased risk to bub. So, they're going to induce me.. we just have to wait for a bed. We've been back to the hospital Monday and today (to check on bub) and they'll phone tomorrow to let us know if there's a bed.

Bub is absolutely fine - good heartbeat, lots of movements and apparently "a good size" baby (which I think means on the larger side).

So, it's not how we hoped it would happen but chances are bub will miss out on being a Leo by a few days! And I'm secretly hoping that I don't end up sharing a birthday. :-)

Your turn for news! Give me something to read during the "waiting time"! 

Monday, 4 July 2016

Gordon St Gossip

So first things first - no more seizures from Lil so far. She had her EEG a little while back, and we're booked in to see the paediatrician in early August - until then there's not much we can do. We take turns sleeping on the floor of the kids' room to keep an eye on her, and we're making sure she doesn't have a few really energetic days in a row, but that's just guesswork. Still, no news is good news.

Cheryl's brother and his family are back from Malaysia for 6 months, and her sister is over from Queensland for a week during uni break, which meant Cheryl managed to work out the one afternoon where everybody was available and organised Joel to take photos. We were very lucky with the weather - there was an hour between showers, there was no strong breeze and it was nicely overcast, which all made for wonderful winter photos.

If there's a day where Dayna, Bruce, babby, Glenn, Dee and Jules will all be in Bendigo it'd be worth considering getting a shoot done. Joel's great - very patient, and not too expensive. Plus he gives you digital copies of the photos, rather than charging huge sums to get printed versions.

Here's a few favourites (he sent through 99 photos in total)

Cardiff Capers

Another busy week has flown by. I have one more week before my maternity leave starts.. not that I'm counting (5 work days!). ;-)

We've just finished our third and final antenatal class. It was a good one - lots of practical and useful tips for after the little one arrives. It's all becoming a bit more real now.. Here's the latest bumpdate, taken today:

Definitely feeling huge and with four weeks to the estimated due date I've got all the little niggles to deal with.. including feet like this:

Not the most pleasant pregnancy side-effect but at least it doesn't hurt. Photo was taken Friday night and Saturday morning (after sleeping with my feet on pillows) - I don't even think that Friday was a particularly strenuous day! 

Yesterday I washed more baby clothes. We've been doing some with each light wash (the only light stuff we have are B's shirts, so it's helped to make a full load).

Work-wise, this last week has been very busy for both of us. I headed to Aberystwyth with a team on Monday, Tuesday we ran workshops for 40 students and 8 teachers before driving back to Cardiff in the evening, Del flew down from Bangor on Wednesday morning so we could go over some handover (my maternity cover starts the Monday after I finish) and we headed to Swansea to run an evening training session, Thursday morning I was at an event in Treforest (only half an hour away), and I started sorting out my office on Friday. *phew*

Bruce was just as busy, running workshops in a Cardiff school on Monday, had a probation meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday had a sleepover group to entertain on the flight simulator, Thursday he had two science shows and workshops (and really disorganised staff/helpers), and a group of older students visited for a tour and workshop on Friday! *phew again*

Tomorrow, Prince Charles is visiting B's work, so there's all kinds of crazy security that he'll have to negotiate. But he has been invited to a gala, orchestra, choir thing (and will need to wear a suit and tie). Fancy!

More next week.
Your turn!