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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 31 March 2007

great header!

the miis are cool. good to see all of us in gaming form. :)
hopefully we all play together well.. don't want any of us getting grumpy playing sports.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Mii - Trinitii

Mii - Dad

No Caramello Koala???

No Caramello Koala??
I was in a supermarket the other day and look what I found...

Yes, it was a caramel Freddo.
Does this mean that I won't be able to have Caramello Koalas unless some kind person sends me some from Australia? O no!

Other than that, I've been kinda busy lately. I went to London the weekend before last. It was good - went to the Science Museum (I still don't think I've seen all of it), wandered around the city a bit, checked out some of the Sunday markets (Brick Lane and Spitalfields Markets) - all in all a relaxing weekend. Probably a good thing too, because I was back in London last Wednesday for a meeting for work. I spent lots of time on the train that week and as a result last weekend I didn't feel like doing anything much (though I did clean the flat).

spring flowersIt's finally starting to feel more like spring here. There are daffodils and flowers popping up everywhere (I've got some photos on my Manchester flickr page here). It's now British summer time, which means I get home and it's still light (which is a good thing!). It's about time the sun stayed up - I'm over winter's cold and darkness.. I guess that'll teach me to leave Australia just before summer. *grin*

Anyway, hope everyone is good - the time difference makes it a bit harder for me to be online at the same time as you guys (9pm here is only 6am there, so I don't think anyone will be up yet).. I'm not good at getting up and online - I find I don't get to work on time when I do that. *grin*

I'll try to post more regularly - but I warn you, I might have to make things up... my life just isn't that exciting. *smile*

*big hugz*

Friday, 23 March 2007

Monday, 19 March 2007

London ain't so far ...

I figured it has been a while since Dee or I posted, so I thought I'd give everyone an update on what's happening in our little "neck of the woods".

Today Dee updated her CV, and then applied for eight different contracting roles down in London -- yep, we're really doing it! The idea is that she can get a contract for, say, six months at a time whilst I stay permanent (at either the bank or, if I find somewhere else, somewhere else). That way we get the best of both worlds -- stability (through a known-amount pay-cheque every month) and liquidity (contracting pays better than a permanent role, although you obviously don't get the benefits).

We've also looked online at places to live, and so far the docks at Surrey Quay look the most likely -- there are a few new apartments there for around what we pay each month here, and the docklands are very close to the financial sector so transport would be both cheaper and faster than it currently is. We're only looking at two bedroom places, of course, because we need somewhere to stash all our guests when they come visit!

Speaking of visiting, we still haven't made it to Manchester to see Dayna's new "crib" ... but we will! One of these days, I'm sure -- it's just a matter of getting a weekend that we are both not working, and those are so few and far between that we tend to have them pre-booked for months!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Damien's a champion

Thank you Damien. Now I have all the headings and I can switch as required. Of course St Pat's is the current view. How did you do it?
We're off to Melbourne on Saturday to Cheryl's wedding (on a boat). I'll fill you in later on how it goes. Today I had the haircut and colour so I feel tidy again. I cut Dad's hair on Sunday so he is tidy as well.
It's the Dahlia and Arts festival so Eaglehawk will be busy. On Sunday Nana and I will go to a fashion parade that Carolynn's modelling in (and maybe Trinity).

Friday, 9 March 2007

Hi From Jared

I had a dentist appointment yesterday. They gave me some stuff (pre-med -L) and they gave me the gel but the needle still hurt. When they used the drill it kind of hurt. Then they got some sealy stuff to fill my tooth. After that I felt kind of drowsy. I fell asleep in the car when we went to Nanny and Poppy's. Then I woke up at 5pm, then I went to bed and didn't get up until 8.30am today.

I'm still doing Lion training because it's fun. We got new lions and pants like the seniors wear under the lions. They were blessed three weeks ago.

Last Wednesday was my birthday, thank you for the happy birthday wishes. I have $105 now. I'm going to spend it on great stuff. Thank you to Damien and Cheryl for the official soccer t-shirt. I got 5 t-shirts, a stripy jacket, a soccer ball, a Holden mug, glo-stix, a drawing book and crayons and new shoes. Thank you Nanny and Poppy for the tool kit.

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone just want to see what everyone is up to. i'm not doing much aside from calisthenics & school.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Hey Dayna, here's the mii we made of you.

Who else wants to be mii-ified?

Monday, 5 March 2007

Wii Bowling

As promised, for Jared's birthday at 2pm Saturday we had our own game of bowling. I took a few photos and put them up on flickr.

My favourite is this one. We've made miis of family members for a bit of fun, and the miis of Lisa and Adam turned up to watch our game. They must have known we were celebrating Jared's birthday ;)

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Happy Birthday Adam!

Like the title says! I hope you had a good one!