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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Gordon St Gossip

Update from us - we've had a bit of a busy weekend.

So speedy!
Saturday I taught Iaido from 9:30 - 11. The kids are doing well - Trin especially seems to be picking it up really well. She brought her friend Talia along, and while I was expecting some nuttiness from her she actually also did fantastically. Right now I'm thinking of doing set terms (eg. sign up and pay for the whole term at the start) for 7 - 12 year olds, with a mini-grading and certificate at the end, but I'll have to check all that by Shihan and see what he thinks, since it's different to how the senior classes are run.

Lily picked the design
Then it was off to a joint birthday party for the kids' friends Archer (5) and Alexis (1). It was superhero themed - Os dressed as Batman, and Lily, not one to be constrained by societal expectations, dressed as a Ballerina. Possibly a Super Princess Ballerina :) She also had her face painted for the first time ever.

They had an awesome time, especially in the balloon-filled trampoline which you can see in the background of that pic of Ossie. Cheryl has put some photos up on Facebook if you want to see more.

Pumpkin pies! Okay tarts maybe
We got home around 3, and then cooked up some pumpkin and sweet potato as our contribution to the inaugural annual event "Friendsgiving" :) A bunch of us got together to eat turkey, potatoes and the like, and it was great. Everyone brought a dish, there were mini pumpkin pies, the kids ran around madly (hopefully running off that birthday sugar).

After a Saturday like that we took Sunday very easy, although we finally managed to get out and catch up with Mum.

So that's us :)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Time flies!

I've missed many weeks again - oops! And lately we haven't really been up to much.. I've scheduled in some office days and days in lieu to try to get work back under control, but I'm away now until Monday week!

The last two days I've been at a schools event at the Wales GB Rally. Fortunately, B and the Materials Live team were at the same event so we stayed in the same hotel and had meals together.

This weekend we're at John & Gwen's (currently heading to Bridgnorth to the markets) and then I'm in North Wales for all of next week and B will be heading back home on the train on Sunday.

Really cold weather here lately. I'm in two coats today!

I know I need to write an update about our short break, but right now there are markets to explore!

*hugz* to all,

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Christmas is coming

OK family,
Time for some planning.

I've checked out the season tickets at the outdoor pools here.Would Damien, Cheryl and family like that (or the cost of that) as their Christmas present from me? I know all of the children have too many toys but no doubt still have toys they's like to get for Christmas. If not the swimming tickets, suggestions please.Would swimming lessons for Oscar work?

Lisa the same idea for you, You can get the tickets $40 cheaper than D&C but I'd need to find something for Carolynn separate to the rest of you Would you like that or would Jared like a ticket for himself. When is he likely to move to Swan Hill? Maybe money is what he needs the most. I wondered about swimming lessons (Vic Swim ) for the girls. Let me know what you think as you'd have to get them to the lessons.

Glenn and Dee, Glad to hear Jules is doing swimming lessons. Also looking for ideas for all of you.
Dee, Mum and I will put money in the bank account for your birthday.
Well done on tackling a fun??run(I don't think a run could ever be fun) I'll check out donating to that for your efforts.
Happy to put money in your account for Christmas and you choose your gifts, since I understand Trish is coming to spend Christmas with you.

Dayna and Bruce,
Money in the Australian account for you two so you can choose your gifts when you come and visit, I still haven't booked to come to you in 2015 but that's the plan if it works for you. Probably July/August so I'm there for the birthday unless you have plans of not being in the country round then. Should be home again this Sunday so hope to catch up on a hangout.

Better be some response to this post.Love, Mum

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Buick again

How come it's November already. Where are all the posts?
Len rang to say that the man who wanted to buy the Buick is ill with pneumonia and his family don't want him worrying about getting it so it's back on the market. I haven't rung Geoff who was interested but wouldn't  make an offer. Len has volunteered to advertise it in his name and vet all potential purchasers. He has also said he'll come and help me see if we can find any of the bits that aren't attached.
He's coming on Monday for a chat. His trip to the base camp on Everest was also challenging. He had very bad altitude sickness and then diarrhoe,  so has lost 8 kilos in a couple of weeks.An experience but not necessarily a pleasant one.He had two weeks off work to recover from his holiday.
Sorry to have missed the Skype chats. I think I'll be home this Sunday.I'll try to check on line. I had Nana here for tea last Sunday with Clive, Carolynn and Jarrod.
Last night after the dance (only 9.30) Clive and I joined some other couples for a senior's coffee at Maccas. Good fun.and close to where the other two ladies live as well as close to Clive's.
My printer suddenly wouldn't work but fingers crossed it seems to be OK now if a bit slow. Seemed like something to do with the WIFI.
Off to Yarrawonga on a bus trip next week(Tuesday to Thursday ) so hope to catch up with Val and Peter.
Love from Mum