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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The week that was

Hi all. Thought this the best way to catch you all and I 'll post a reminder on FB to check in because I don't and I hadn't seen Damien's last post.
Games I have for the Wii are Play Motion, Crazy Mini Golf 2, Family Game Show, Just Dance, Mariocart and Wii Fit plus. All still unopened because I'm too busy.
What power tools do you want Damien? Glenn has the sander at the moment. Dayna's drill set is here and I'm keeping the Makita one Dad bought most recently.
We did get Jared set up in his own space yesterday. Think we could attach some panelling to the back of the bookcases to make walls. Lisa the large panels are 4 ft wide. I think we could cut two down to 3 ft to fit the bookcases and maybe use another one as a door that Jared can pull across when he wants to say the door is shut. We'll probably have to use a hand saw to cut them. I found a powerboard for him.
Maybe Adam should look at this diet Damien and Glenn are using if Damien is getting results. I want to know more especially when you can eat pizza and icecream on your free day.
lisa I'm free next weekend again if you want to do more. You can call to collect the drawers for Carolynn and the panelling on Tuesday or Friday morning if you want so Carolynn can get on with her room.
Shopping with Denise on Monday but no idea of times. Lunch out with Nana on Tuesday but home before and after unless I stay for coffee with you all. Spinners on Wednesday, home by 3ish, Exercise Thursday then out for afternoon tea at the Gibson's and maybe square dancing with Denise at night. Meeting Friday afternoon.
Photos of the new rooms wanted. I'd like Adam to move some of the adult books to his two bookshelves to free up the bookshelf in the passage for the children's books. Bring the cot and mattress back here when you collect the foam mattress for Daria. So much easier to plan than to do but we are making progress.


  1. I wanted to get the cot out yesterday, I made a start to my room then got sidetracked because I need to send a hair clip from Origami Girl to someone and can't find them! I've been through so much stuff around my craft table without luck so I think I'll have to just make another one. Today we're all feeling full up with colds, Daria has been coughing all night and we've had an early morning. I'm sitting up with her at the moment and she feels a bit warm. Hopefully she'll get better before we head to Nanna's or I will leave her with Adam.
    Jared is loving his new space though keeping Daria out is proving difficult and she does so love his toys LOL

  2. Lisa: this is why you need a tidy workplace, right?! :-) Get systems in place like those on www.unclutterer.com. Systems == good! :-D

  3. All: I've just added a "send to facebook" button to the bottom of posts, and created a "Family" group in Facebook that you should all be part of (I hope anyway!). So once you've posted here you should be able to click "[f] Send" and then type in "Family" to post a link onto Facebook.

    (Cheryl/Damien: I haven't added your family. You can probably add them to the family group on Facebook if you want 'em to read stuff here? Or I can rename the group? Whatever you like.)


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