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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 28 February 2006

busy busy busy

this is just a quick one.. it's late and i've got to catch a bus at 8 am tomorrow morning..

i've been working pretty long hours lately - the team head off this weekend, so it's been go go go.. and i've not been at home for the weekends either.. like i think i said, i've headed to Sydney three out of the last four weekends. *grin* ahh, lots of bus trips (it takes about 3 and a quarter hours to get there).. but it's been good (apart from the fact that i still have lots of boxes in the box room.. o well.. next weekend)..

tomorrow i'm off to Bateman's Bay for the start of my management course - a three day residential. there are 20 people on the course, so i should at least get to meet some people.. there's even another Daina on the course (okay, spelt different - but i met her at the opening last week, and found it really really strange to have people saying my name and not be talking to me!)

anyway.. i'd best go pack and then get some sleep before tomorrow..


Monday, 27 February 2006

The Fringe Festival

The Fringe began on Friday. We headed into the city after work to see what was going on.. there was a parade which ended at Rymill Park in the city, where there were tents and stalls and stuff going on. The Garden of Unearthly Delights was a collection of such tents and stalls, but it was fitted out in a fantastic carnivale style.. Cheryl took some photos with her phone, so i'll post them at the end of the message. While there we watched a trapeze artist, and saw a guy who, blindfolded, named specifics about objects people pulled out of their pockets. There was also street performers, and people walking around in costume for the fun of it. It was a great night.

Then Saturday evening we headed into the city with Josh for drinks (he's going to Korea and China on Wednesday) , and while at the Belgian Beer Cafe were offered complimentary tickets to see a comedian upstairs. So that was excellent too, although it meant by Sunday night we were pretty tired :)

On Thursday we're off to see Adam Hills, another comedian. And next weekend we'll probably have a bit more of a look around.. there's a lot of free entertainment and galleries and the like to see. And there's regular two for one specials to the paid shows, so hopefully we'll catch a few more acts before it's over.

Anyway, that's our news. Here's the photos from the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Saturday, 25 February 2006

why we haven't seen mum and dad online lately

Just thought I would write this for mum and dad, so everyone knows. Last week their computer had a problem, it was only recognising 48kb of 512mb of RAM...so they called 'on site computers' and a guy came out to look at it. Of course, because it only thought it had 48kb of RAM it was SSSOOOOO slow, and the guy took the computer away so he could get online and see if he could solve the problem. After having the computer for a week he was no closer to fixing it, so mum and dad got it back...call it an expensive learning experience...now adam has the computer, and while he cannot seem to fix the problem at the moment , he won't charge them $77 an hour to save all of their data (especially photos), burn it to disk, and install XP.

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Hi Lisa

How are you going?

(It's new. It's not much, but it's new. *tee hee*)

Wednesday, 15 February 2006


Hey, just a quick post to say I've bought an iPod. I've been wanting to get a new mp3 player for a while (my old 64MB brick just doesn't cut it any more) and the Smartmoves work from Dayna gave me the extra money to do so. It's a 30 gig iPod video.. i've ordered it and a case (they scratch really easy apparently) so now i've just got to wait for it to arrive. It was cheaper to order it from Melbourne and have it posted then walk into a store in Adelaide and buy it :)

Friday, 10 February 2006

Decision made

Offer Accepted
I have decided to go with JP Morgan in Glasgow, I accepted the offer yesterday, although the commute is longer, the career opportunity is far greater with them. Soooo I start Feb 20th. Yaaaa, I get to play with other kid's! :) Thanks to everyone for your congrat messages. :) Now Glenn and I should be able to start doing some fun stuff. I think first thing on the list, well first two things will be pay off the credit card, then find a bigger flat, a bigger flat that has a shower with some decent water pressure. :) (Even gravity doesnt seem to help out with the water pressure in our current place!)
As always the ink isnt even dry on the contract and we are thinking of ways to spend the money! LOL
Hope everyone is well and happy, Dayna have you heard anything new about the training course???

Wednesday, 8 February 2006


Heya Guys!
Well I finally have something to blog about. After many interviews with no result I have finally hit the jackpot..... twice, when it rains it pours, I have 2 offers from 2 different companies, so I have untill 12 noon tommorrow to decide. yikes! and yaaaaa of course! :)
One company is in Glasgow, its called JP Morgan, very big American firm, although the commute is an hour it is so far my personal favourite. The other company is called Sykes, it is in Edinburgh but out of the city so it is about a 30 minute commute. Plus the IT Director is freaky which is why I am not too convinced about it. Sooo I will post again soon to let you know how it goes.
Dayna I love the hair!! I think it looks great, and yes I completely agree that you can never get your hair to look as it did when you left that salon! Love to all!

dee xox

Tuesday, 7 February 2006

new look..

hey all..

it's been a while - i've been pretty flat out with work, but i think it all seems on track (yay!).

had a great weekend at Coffs Harbour a couple of weeks ago.. I've posted some piccys from the holiday on Flickr.

whilst i was away, i decided to take Damien's postcard into a random hairdresser in Coffs and get them to see what they could do. Not sure what i think about it just yet.. i think it's okay..it's pretty short though. it is long enough to tie up - just. *grin*

-d-'s new haircut-d-'s new haircut

Let me know what you think.. remember that this is the hairdresser version (you know, the way it looks when you walk out of the salon - that style you can rarely get again.) hehe. *grin*

take care and have fun..

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

one at home, one at primary school, one at high school

ok, first of all...Carolynn's first day of High School - she had a great day, "it was so fun", she says, "and Friday will be even better!" She has music twice on Friday!! She has all her classes with her best friend too, which is fantastic.
I already said that Jared had a good first day yesterday.
And finally, I took Trinity to the health centre today, and she weighs 8750g, up 44og since last month. (19lb 4.5oz) She is 67.5cms long and her head is 47cms...everything is progressing on time, rolling, eating solids, liking to play peek-a-boo...