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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 19 August 2013

Brownhill Creek Blogging

We're in Adelaide! My Iaido club are running an instructors seminar this weekend, which gave us the justification to come up here for a bit of a holiday. I'll be working at the GDD offices for 4 days as well, which will allow us to claim the trip on tax ;)

We drove up over Thursday and Friday, and the kids were really well behaved. Lily actually slept for about 2 hours when we started, and woke up just in time to go crazy on the Horsham Maccas playground while Cheryl and I got some lunch (the kids ate sandwiches in the car before we got there). Cheryl is also very clever and wrapped up some activity books for both kids so they got to unwrap them and have a play when they got a bit bored in the car.

We stayed in Bordertown over night and arrived in Adelaide rather early Friday, so we decided to swing past a shopping centre for a bit of lunch and a wander. Then we dropped our stuff off at the caravan park and then headed in to Chinatown for dinner. Oscar has been asking for the triangle sushi and pork buns for a very long time, so he was rapt to finally get them.

Saturday we headed to Chinatown again for lunch (so much good food there, although Os wanted "the same as what I had yesterday") and then into the main city for a look around. There's a new shopping centre in the Mall now with an Apple store, so the kids played on iPads for a bit, ate some Menchies, and then we headed home. We decided to have dinner at home and an early night since it had been a big trip over.

Sunday we went to Marion shopping centre (more Menchies!) and the kids played on the indoor playground there. It seems like this trip is all about us slotting in time to do the things we want to do between the kids playing on stuff. Well, that and eating at all the places we want to eat at (Sunday night was Sushi Train)

Today I'm at work and Cheryl has taken the kids to the Beachouse, which is a big job even when there are two of us so we'll see how she goes. They dropped into the office before heading out there and were already going crazy :) After work the plan is burgers from Fancy Burger and then home for another early night. Tomorrow might be Harbourtown for them and Good Dog for me. Wednesday, though, I'm taking the day off and we're all going to the zoo. I reckon that will be great fun. Pandas!

That's it for me for now.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Church street chatter

It's been a while.
I didn't read Glenn's post on Jules birthday until tonight. The cake looks great and the idea was wonderful.

Clive and I flew to Sydney on the 8th August after leaving his car in the Busy Beaver car park. We had a wonderful few days with Glenn, Dee, Jules and Lucy.Glenn very kindly organised transport for us from the airport and back to the airport, On the Friday and Monday we made use of Pensioner Excursion tickets, where for $2.50 we could use buses, trains and ferries to get around Sydney. Friday we explored the Rocks where there was a food Festival happening. We had a ferry ride and walked more then bused back to Annandale. Went with Dee a few times to collect Jules from his delightful Day care centre. Great facilities hidden away in a shopping centre.

Saturday was catch up on housework day for Dee after returning to fulltime work. Clive pumped up Glenn's bike tyres and enjoyed a ride into Sydney and back. Glenn and Dee did some shopping and I had Jules time.
We walked Lucy in the great park behind the house a few times. I'm sure she misses Clive. With the stairs to the attic bedroom we should have kept up our fitness.

Sunday, Dee came for the Lucy walk so she was allowed off lead for a good romp. I took Jules to play in the playground. Also had a Sunday trip to Berry for lunch and a chance to explore the area. Many thanks to Dee for all of the driving.

Monday we again bused in to the city. We walked across the bridge (20minutes each way) rather than climbing over it ($235 each). Had a delicious lunch in a Guylian eatery, with a glass of wine then iced coffee to follow.More walking round Circular Quay to the Opera House and around it. Getting very windy but the ferries were still operating so we took the ferry to Balmain then walked up the hill (and up and up) to catch the bus back to Annandale.

I've posted the photos on Google. Glorious weather the whole time we were there. We look forward to returning in the future and exploring further afield on the trains.

Since returning home, we went to the Day Club's 7th birthday on Wednesday.The entertainers, the Hoffman's performed. Excellent.I was the photographer for the Day Club as well as the gadabouts, so was kept busy. There were over 100 people there.

I bought a cordless line trimmer and a new washing machine. Machine was delivered on Friday and Lisa brought a sick Trinity to my place while she had playgroup.Trinity was crying over aches in arms, legs, all over. After a sleep, she said it hurt her ribs to breathe.  The Doctor said it was a virus and to keep up the panadol. By Saturday, she seemed much improved. So strange how quickly these things come and go.

Tried out the line trimmer on Saturday. I had a problem with the line and difficulty getting it out and more difficulty getting it back in. Even Dave who mows for Mum couldn't do it, so back to Fitzpatricks. Man there fixed it but if I get stuck again I'll take it back again.It did a good job a trimming the garden edges and I mowed before the rain returned so the yard looks tidy.

I seem to have many clothes to be put away so that's the project for next week. Also looking into who to go with for electricity and gas now my Energy Australia contract has run out.

We've been back dancing since Thursday, each day including an afternoon at Moama today. Monday and Tuesday to go before we have a Wednesday rest.

Looking forward to more news from my family on what they are doing.

Saturday, 3 August 2013


It's been about a million years since we posted any news here, which means too much has happened to be able to recap -- so instead let me tell you about Jules' birthday!

Going for a bit of a 20,000 Leagues thing, we spent the morning at the Aquarium, complete with those underwater tunnel under the bay. We saw lot of freaky creatures: enormous sharks and rays, tiny Nemo and Dory, a smiling dugong and something with tentacle for a face...

Lunch was fish and chips at Bondi -- Jules flirted and got a bucket of pencils and a free bubbacino (he made a mess with both). No matter what I did, I couldn't convince him to eat a lemon.

Home for a nap, and then cake and presents.

You may have already seen the yellow submarine cake Dee made, which was inspired by The Beatles and Octonauts both. We also decorated the verandah/balcony with homemade jellyfish (bowls with ribbons), a balloon octopus and streamers.

Just driving home from a day up the coast now . We'll have to go again with Nanny and Clive, and actually remember to pack swimmers this time.