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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Booked the tickets

Today I booked my flights to (and from) Birmingham. I leave here on Friday 27th April at 6pm and arrive at Birmingham at 12.35pm Saturday 28th April. Flying Emirates so we have a stop at Singapore and Dubai on the way. I have two straight through flights on the way home on Saturday 30th June, with only a Dubai stop. Airport bus transfers are well timed (but not so close there could be a problem, I hope). Still sorting travel insurance. Need advice on how to carry money and how to send some so I have some there. We'll chat Dayna.
I've given Lisa the money for three shares in the bracelet she ordered for Auntie Denise's 60th, so you are all on the card that I'll deliver tomorrow with the bracelet. It arrived yesterday and Lisa wrapped it today.
My advice on Carolynn's present is the universal gift card (known as cash) for any who ask. Lisa mentioned a JB HiFi gift card but with mine she can spend it anywhere and it doesn't run out of time.


  1. Forgot to mention the knitting. I think I'll be short of yarn so today I'm dyeing more and will hopefully change the pattern to blend the new bit in the back.It will be unique if it ever gets finished.

  2. Hmm.. I added a comment to this (and the post about Rob) and it didn't post. I'll try again.

    What I said was that we carried money in one of those thin pouches you can get that you wear around your waist and sits under your clothes. I'd also keep your passport and tickets in there. Make sure you always have your passport on you.

    Also the trip sounds fantastic :)

  3. I lost all my comments too! Drat.

    The best way is to not carry too much money, its not necessary as there is the same network of ATM's overseas that accept VISA, MasterCard (credit and debit) cards etc...

    Take a look at the fee's and exchange rates though that your bank charges you to access your money overseas.. usually the exchange rate is pretty crumby and will fluctuate with the market.. They can slog you at the ATM as well with fees up to $5 per withdrawal.
    You can purchase a prepaid currency card that can give you a much better exchange rate and has better accessing fees. I believe banks offer these, but you can also get them from exchange groups like Travelex etc...


    We also have a money belt you can borrow! :)

  4. i clearly need to check the Bandwagon more often! (yay! keep up the posting!)

    Mum, great news about booking the trip - we look forward to having you!

    No need to worry too much about carrying money once you're here - it's just like being at home. However, Dee's suggestion about a credit card that doesn't charge (too many) fees for overseas use is worth looking into!

    Otherwise, I'm happy to provide the same service you provided me in Australia - I'll provide the local currency. :-) You mentioned the possibility of transferring some of my Aussie dollars over here, so we could always include some to cover your holiday spending. :-)

    Suggestions for weekend trips away would be welcome from anyone (Dee, Glenn - any "must see" destinations within the cheap-fly-zone?).

    Also, Mum, keep your eye on the post! We've sent you a book for inspiration but please bring it when you come because it looks really useful. *grin*

    *big hugz*


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