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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 27 June 2011

I want more power tools

We've got a bit of a break between visitors so I thought I should write a quick update.

We were expecting Darryl at some point before the baby was born, but he surprised us by calling us a few days before the weekend to say he'd be here along with his family. Luckily I had just spend a large chunk of the previous weekend cleaning the spare room (for the guys to come and fix our shutters) so we were okay. It was great to see Darryl, Alicia, Charlotte, William and Spencer, and although Oscar got a little upset about having to share his toys early in the week (especially after his nap when he was still tired) by the end of it he was happily (for the most part) playing with everyone. He seemed to like following Charlotte around, copying her, and later he and Spencer both copied each other.. which was good, because they were playing together, but not so good if they both wanted to play with one little toy :) I think it's a small taste of what's to come for him though. Daz was brilliant.. he made us the wardrobe (which we're still in the process of filling), fixed up the front security door, reattached the linen press door.. just generally did those tasks you really need power tools to do. We repaid him as best we could with beer and chocolates, but I think we still owe him big time.

This weekend Rach arrives, which will be great too. She's staying for a week, and I know Os is going to love having family here who don't want to ride on his bikes or read his books ;) Sadly Rach wont be bringing power tools to fix up whatever is left, but that's okay.. I think Chez has got a day off work so I'm sure they'll get up to no end of hijinks.

Speaking of Chez, she's doing really well. Only 10 weeks to go, and the little girl is very active. Os calls her "baby sister" and occasionally points out toys for her :) The time seems to be flying by now. We put up some photos of Cheryl so you can see her belly too.. I don't think it's as big as it was for Ossie. Either way I'm sure you'll agree she looks beautiful.

And me.. I'm on a weird low-carb diet. I'll write more about that when it's over if you're interested.. Then I'll have final numbers and the like. Either way, it seems to be netting a result for me, which is good.. because I do miss delicious carbs.


  1. Thanks, Damo :) Yep, doing well. I think it really helps that this time around I'm only working part-time, and Damien has been a big help with Os (as well as everything else)

    Yeah, it was great having everyone around. And by the end of the their visit very cute that Os & Spence wanted to do the same things... they were little twins! Daz did a great job with everything, and Alicia did a lot of work around the house too!

    Looking forward to the visit from Rach, and the visit from Nanny & Nanna after that :)

    Damien's doing really well with such a strict diet. Finding recipes for suitable dinners hasn't been hard. We're lucky that Os really enjoys beans & legumes! :)

  2. As Mum mentions in the post above, we've borrowed a few of Dad's powertools: an orbital sander, belt sander and jigsaw (which we've used) and maybe some other stuff in the loft. Not sure when we'll get to Adelaide again, won't be for a while I'm guessing...

    My weightloss seems to have stalled, although I think the "body fat % estimate" (measured by electrical resistance through feet!) is trending downwards even as my weight stays at 91kg. A couple of mornings with sore muscles from renovating stuff, so hopefully that means less fat, more muscle?


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