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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 31 August 2005

i'm in Adelaide!!!

okay, so i'll only be here for another 20 mins or so - but i was here for about two hours. i'm on the way to Alice Springs to catch up with some of the Smovers and make sure they're not going too crazy with only each others company. *grin*

i'm currently sitting in the Qantas Club lounge at Adelaide airport - i've had a juice and some toast, and thought i'd catch up on some blogging before getting on another plane. ahh, travelling. actually, i don't mind the travel at all - although i'm sure it'd be more fun if i had someone to travel with (Timmy - hint hint)..

i'll be away now until sometime Saturday - and that will give me one day to pack stuff up because i get the keys to the Page house on Monday. yay! Timmy's going to come to visit at the end of the week and bring some essentials for me. i don't know yet, but i may even stay at wattle street for a few nights during the week - if only because of the plates, pots and pans (things that Timmy will bring me). Possibly also because I haven't had time to call ACTEWAGL about connecting the services yet - and it will no doubt take a couple of days for that to happen. hmmmm... o well.. it'll all sort itself out.

anyway.. best go - i'm sure my flight will be called soon. i'll post pics if i take any good ones.


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Okay, so I'm not really expecting anyone to buy them, but I think they're cool and I might get one. And there are other things that can be printed on, so I might play with that too.

But yeah, the price is in US dollars, and there's postage as well, so it's not exactly a cheap gag. But still -- isn't it cool?!

Tuesday, 30 August 2005

We're going to the show

On Saturday Cheryl and I will be going to the Royal Adelaide Show. Last year we missed it by about a day, sadly.. so we're not missing out this time. There'll be pig racing, cats, wood chopping.. and a ton of showbags.

If anyone wants a showbag, let us know. There's a list here: http://www.adelaideshowground.com.au/db/showbags/index.php

Thursday, 25 August 2005

Welcome Nana!

Hi all. At Lisa's request, I added Nana to the family pic, and because Mum shows her the blog on occasion, decided to add her here too :)

I hope you like it.

Also for Lisa (and anyone else interested) there's a print quality jpg of the header here. It's 25cm by 10cm, at 300dpi.. so really, you could double the canvas size if you wanted (by halving the dpi) without losing too much print quality. And it's about a 700KBs download.


Tuesday, 23 August 2005


thankyou to Lisa, Adam, Carolynn, Jared and Trin forthe cool paper cube of T & I (I had short hair, didn't I?!) and especially for my delightful My Mr. Wonderful frame.. hehe..

for those of you who haven't seen it, the frame has a button on it - and when you push the button you get quality statements like (pushes button) "Enough about me.. I wanna know how your day's going" in a quality American accent.. heheh.. very funny..

and thanks Adam for the cow keyring..

thankyou to Glenn & Dee for the magnetic Scotland photoframe - it's currently on my heater.. I'm just looking for a good piccy of you two, so you both can come and camp in my new house. *grin*

thankyou Nana for the birthday money - I've got some yummy perfume from The Body Shop (no, I've not tasted it.. but it smells good).

thankyou Mum and Dad for birthday money - I'm not sure what I'll get with it yet.. but I'll let you know when I get something.

(I do intend to write a real paper thankyou.. this is just the "for now" version. *grin*)

and now I'll leave you with a random quote from My Mr. Wonderful:

"Any time you need me, just call.. you know I'm always ready to listen!"

(hey, that was an appropriate one..)

moving moving

on thursday i get to sign a lease. i've spent the last few weekends looking for a place that timmy and i will be able to live in - and i've found a lovely 3 bedroom house in Page (near Belconnen)..

i get to move in in two weeks (i've given my 4 weeks notice to current housemates).. so i'll be camping in the place until timmy moves up. yay!

the address will be: 8 belconnen way, page
no idea about anything else.. but if anyone wants to come and camp with me, you're more than welcome. *grin*

don't know if this link will work, but try clicking on the address to see what the agent put up on the web about the house..

yay! i get to move into a house with ducted heating! and a clean kitchen! so excited.

yes, there are photos on koffeekat now

for those not already in the know, adam put some photos up of our little extended family. just go to www.koffeekat.com (and i hope this works)

in other news...trinity is 23 days old, and has changed alot in that time. her hair is getting lighter, and obviously she is growing, she is now 53cms long, and weighed 3820grams last week. she has birthmarks on the back of her head and neck, and a mongolian (someone correct that for me) spot on her back...it's a bluish thumb print looking mark under her skin that comes from having a dark skinned heritage, and should fade by the time she is 2 years old.

she still looks alot like adam...but a few people see jared in her.

that's about it...i'll write again in another 3 weeks...

Sunday, 21 August 2005

Cartoon header image

Hi all,

Well, a busy Sunday has resulted in a cartoon of each of you. Bear in mind, as you look at the picture, that, while your image may not resemble you in the slightest, neither does anyone else's.. so at least i'm consistent. And if you want something more recognisably you, I'm afraid you'll need to get some kind of facial tattoo or other clearly distinguishing mark.

So consider yourself forewarned. I've made a mockup of how i imagined this picture on the header here.. and if everyone is happy with it, you can link to just the picture itself with this url: http://www.talesofthesamurai.com/family/header.gif

It's all vector too (hooray) so i can make this image in pretty much any quality you'd like.. if you want to get it printed on a t-shirt, or maybe as a facial tattoo.


Friday, 19 August 2005

And for those who miss seeing Glenn's youthful face...

Every morning I go into the kitchen and see this picture. It's Glenn, as a kid, on the back of the Fruity Bix box. Spooky..

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Remote Glenn

It's hard trying to figure out what to write on each weblog, but I think I may have it :-
  • On kiltedaussie, I write things about travelling, starting life in Scotland and generally adventuring
  • On The Family Bandwagon, things of a more familial nature -- stuff about family, what we're all doing, opinions and whatnot
  • and on Glennji.com, when in use, I put geek/nerd/tech stuff! Easy!

Not sure whether the distinctions are really that clear, but I figure I have to do something or I'll just end up cross-posting the same story (or whatever) to all three. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing, but I think we're all reading multiple sites (like this and Tales and Dayna's blackcloud) so it would probably get boring.

What does that have to do with family stuff, then? I guess I can ignore my own rules or recommendations and just write something about nothing, or writing about writing, a kind of meta-post. And I know you'll all just shake you heads and roll your eyes and say, "Tsk tsk, that Glenn, he always was the crazy twin."

What can I say? I really liked the bicycle in the tree -- that was cool. What kind of bike do you have, Dayna? I'd like to get a bike, but we're resisting going into the bike shops until (as with everything) we obtain gainful employment. I personally want one with disc brakes and suspension up the wazoo -- there's lots of cobblestone roads around Edinburgh, which is really just an excuse because I just like the idea of well-engineered (even over-engineered) pedal power.

Hey, could someone please get some more photos of Trinity up somewhere? We're missing out here!

Tell Nanna (or let her read this!) thank you for the lovely card. We will have to get a bunch of postcards out to people I think! It's not like we're really busy, just lazy. Well, maybe not lazy either -- we've been doing a bunch of exercise just walking around, up hills, down hills, up Arthur's Seat, down Arthur's Seat -- but something close to mental laziness. I think that, to belabour a point, we're putting everything off until we are working. Just hope it's soon!

Oh yeah! That's the other thing -- Damien, do you think you could throw together some cartoon versions of everyone that we could include in the header? I picture just a lineup of us all along the top underneath "The Family Bandwagon". Just a thought ;-)

Monday, 15 August 2005

Tales of the Samurai Episode 9

Hi all,

I finally finished the 9th Tales episode on the weekend, you can have a look at it here: http://www.talesofthesamurai.com/episode9.html

In other news, I (finally) went to a doctor about my ear. Turns out it was originally an infection, and that infection caused an irritation that has built up the weirdo growth I have now. Long story short, I need to go to a surgeon to see the cost of having it removed (read: slicey slicey). We're booked in to see one in October.. if it's too expensive, well, I might just put up with ol' lumpy.

It's a good lesson in common sense.. really, I should have gone to see a doc when I first realised the infection was still there. On the other hand, then I couldn't drop phrases like "Oh, that's the phone number of my plastic surgeon".

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Did you know..

the real reason a lot of people ride bicycles around here...

they grow on trees!

hope everyone is happy and healthy - have a great week!

Thursday, 11 August 2005

It snowed here yesterday!

Yesterday lunch time (or thereabouts) sago snow was falling outside Q. Sago snow is not quite hail and not quite snowflakes.. and it continued to fall most of the afternoon and evening. Unfortunately, it melted as soon as it touched anything.

Apparently there was snow on the ground out towards Belconnen.. maybe I just didn't go outside late enough to see it where i live (i like being warm!).

Hope everyone is keeping warm..

Tuesday, 9 August 2005

lisa's trinity update

well, we've been home for a week now. i have to say thanks to mum and dad for doing the school run for me, i did it for the first time this morning and i think we should be right now. i didn't end up taking trinity to connections because it looked like it was going to rain, and i have to take her to the doctor tomorrow for a one week check up anyway.

she's mostly feeding every 2 to 3 hours, any wonder she was back to her birth weight by day 4 (apparently they have 2 weeks to get back to birth weight) adam has been helping out, getting tea etc, so i have time to sit and feed... he hovers around waiting for her to wake up so he can hold her too... so do the kids, they have to work out who has "first go" and then it's a battle to get them to give her up...

anyway, 2 hours are up and i have a daughter wanting feeding, so i better go.

Monday, 8 August 2005

trying the phone

Dear Glenn and Danielle,
I tried to ring on your new landline number on Sunday night here(11.30am and 12.30pm there) but no one was answering so I'm not sure if it's the right number or not. I can have a half hour block call by dialling 0018 instead of 0011, but I'd have to be sure you were home. I'd also tried on Saturday night.
How's it going?
Today the electricians came to start the power to the shed thing. I guess it will take several days to get it all done and that's without the house rewiring.
I visited Lisa this afternoon to be home help. Trinity is doing very well. She may go to Connections, the church craft group tomorrow. Be glad when you have an email address for chatting.
Love from Mum and Dad

Thursday, 4 August 2005


Adam said the photos were at Koffeecat but I couldn't find them. He's promised to give them to me on CD so if and when I'll send on the best or someone can tell me where and how to put them on line.
Poppy's done the school run for today and yesterday afternoon. Trinity is doing well and they're getting two hours sleep at a time. This afternoon Trinity was resting up so she's ready for another night. I'm looking forward to seeing her over the weekend.
Hope all of you are well. It was great to hear from Glenn yesterday morning. We'll get organised with MSN so we can chat once he's online in Edinburgh. Good luck with the job hunting.

[i've just put this pic here.. for a bigger one, look in the comments (thanx Damien).. cheers, -d-]

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Written another entry in kiltedaussie

Update! I just heard about Trinity Eve! Congratulations!! That's so exciting!

Anyway, I wrote the rest of this before I knew, and it all seems pretty boring compared to news of new life here on our little Starship Earth. Trinity, I can't wait to meet you!

Wrote another short entry in Kilted Aussie (finally!). The short version: job hunting goes well, house settling is good, and the weather is awesome! (Actually, I don't think I said that in the kiltedaussie post, but it's so true! Don't let anyone tell you it rains all the time in Scotland ... although there have been some spots today, it's interspersed with brilliant sunshine and shiny happy people .... us!)

Glad to hear everyone is okay. I'll chat to someone tonight ... mostly based on whoever answers first. I'll try to time it right, however (sorry Damien, for ringing before 7!!).


Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Lisa is home

Lisa decided to come home today(Tuesday 2nd).As the bassinet was still at Nana's until midday, it was a very quick cleanup and get ready for baby. Poppy had to drive Lisa's car since that had the required attachment for the capsule. Jared decided to stay at home and wait so Nanny had some more cleanup time.
Last seen, Trinity was having her first meal at home and Adam will cook tea for everyone else(and do the dishes!)
I'll still do the school run for a couple of weeks. Somewhere Adam has a roll of photos.(digital)