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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 30 April 2006

Movie stars

Damien & I worked on a new header today. We're all (apart from one) characters of movies. A prize* to the person who can correctly name each character and the movie that they are from first.

*Actual prize may not exist

babies and birthdays

We had some sad news by email. Andrea had a stillborn baby on Thursday. She was 9lb 11oz , 53 cm long and they named her Nina. Tamara, Ray and Ray's son are flying out for the funeral next week. They'll be here next weekend and will have an interview with Stephen May re their wedding while here. I don't think we'll go to the funeral (in Melbourne) but I'll send a card from all of us.
Happier news is that Kimberley (nee Roche) had a baby boy on Tuesday. Mother and baby doing well. Warwick sent photos. Cheryl is in Brisbane playing grandma.
Today for lunch we are going to Nicole (nee Mason) for Uncle Ron's 70th birthday. We enjoyed Peter Loomes 60th last weekend.
Decided against the Bigpond broadband at this stage. I'm going to look in to other options and try to find out what sort of limit would be minimum for us. in the meantime we know where we stand with dial up, even if it is slow.
Dad's progressing well with the fernery. Rain over the weekend has given him some time off.
I've worked extra hours this week because a workmate was off sick. this week has just flown, but I did manage yesterday to swap my winter wardrobe and summer one, so i now have warmer clothes available.
Hope all of you are well.
Lots of love
Mum and Dad

Friday, 28 April 2006


Ok, this is the last cutting photo, I promise. This was from the dojo cutting session we had last Sunday. One of the other students took it.

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

For our anniversary Cheryl and I went to a Chinese Restaurant for dinner. The food was great, Cheryl had an entree of crab claw stuffed with prawns and fried, and i had minced prawns on toast.. then we had duck. It was sooo tasty :) We also bought a digital camera as our gift to each other. Then today we headed to the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens.. It's a fantastic area, parts look more like a rain forest, and there's little walking trails everywhere. The only down side is it's on the side of a mountain, so you spend a lot of happy time walking down hill, then realise you have to walk back up hill to catch the bus :)

Here are some photos we took. I'll put more up at Flickr at some point.


Looking towards our holiday in July-August

We've been looking this weekend at where we can go in the last week of July. I've put the places and train times on a map on glennji.com now.

Any recommendations about things we must see?

Saturday, 22 April 2006

Our weekends

Thought I would post some photos from Easter and this weekend. Over Easter Jared was involved in Spring Festival, the lion team did a couple of performances at the Chinese Gardens, I managed to get a good photo of him there. He was also in the Awakening and the Parade. This weekend we took the kids the the art gallery, because there is an exhibition called Larger that Life and there has been a spider on the front of the gallery that we all wanted a closer look at.

Friday, 21 April 2006

The Family Bandwagon

Hi I'm so glad you add me so now I can post stuff .It's cool

Photos from the Lakes District

Just a quick one: I've uploaded the photos I took over Easter! Here's proof that we actually did stuff, including golf and rowing out onto the lake. Brilliant!







Wednesday, 19 April 2006

dayna's dodgy easter header

since i put in the work, you may as well see my non-vector version.. *sigh*

o well.. i think we all look good with colour-coordinated ears!

Look at the difference

Just wanted to say YAY DAMIEN - I looked at the photos of the cutting practice (very cool btw).. and then found this picture from August 2003. Good on you, brother.. now all i've gotta do, is find the motivation for me. ;) Posted by Picasa

Cutting Practice

Here's a few photos from the cutting practice I did at the Connell's place Friday morning.


Friday, 14 April 2006

Happy Oyster!

... er, Easter.

Sunday, 9 April 2006

Super Friends

Hi all,

Inspired by Glenn's fantastic work on the headers, Cheryl and I decided to combine our powers and make a new header as well. Can you pick all the characters? I'm especially proud of Cheryl, who began with no knowledge of Flash at all but illustrated half the characters!

My turn

I decided a new post rather than commenting on all the ones I've missed. Our bandwagon got very busy in a short time.
Apologies to Lisa because the message I got about collecting the kids was that she'd ring if she needed me and as she didn't I didn't. I did drive Lisa and Jared to collect the car later on Thursday. Hope it's now going well.
Glad to hear the Laser is fixed too. Since nine inch nails, the laser hasn't had a name. Ruby red ? sounds good. Lucky you having organized your holiday so quickly. Keep receipts in case you do something work related and can claim back on tax. I'll check to see when mid year school holidays are here. We may come to visit after you get back.
I love the new headers and the fact that you can switch between them. We tried to print out the Easter one but our red isn't working.
I've emailed you Damien to say Dad can collect you on Thursday. I'll be at work until 2.15.
We'll get back to you on the meals. Thank you for the phone call to fill us in on what we'd missed with the blogs.
Expecting Elaine and Arnold, Nana and Denise and Peter for tea tonight. We're having casseroles and lasange because we're not sure what time the folk will get here from Swan Hill.
Dad's busy digging post holes. He's made a start on his fernery renovation.
Thinking of you all over easter especially. I tried to ring you Glenn and D on Saturday morning (your Friday night ) but no answer. You're now 11 hours behind again aren't you?Don't forget to give us your new address.
lots of love to all

love the new headers!

everyone looks stunning as rock stars! not sure i can carry off blonde in real life.. but i'm happy to be a rock chick (please note that i have a microphone! hehehe..) and i think cheryl's afro is great too, not to mention the mohawk. heheh..

the beltane version is also great. like the body-art.. and that knight adam still looks after the baby. *grin* nice work.

okay - i want to make some headers too.. i've got the jpg for the normal version.. but i've been trying to do an easter version in adobe photoshop elements.. and it's very difficult (need to do it in freehand, and that's annoying!).. so - what program should i be using? what program can i use? damien, you said that it was done in vectory goodness, but jpgs aren't vectors.. (right?)..

anyway.. i wanna play too! please tell me how! *grin*


A very lazy day today.

Last night we went for drinks, to celebrate my manager getting a promotion and moving to another department. Her manager was there for a while, which was a bit weird, but nobody complained as he put the corporate card behind the bar -- free drinks for all!

So it was a late night, and a late start today as a result. I've not done much today at all, to be honest ... except make a few header images! It's so much fun! I'm inventing themes now, it's so fun! It's also very lazy way to waste the day.

Tomorrow we're off to Ikea to replace the things we've broken whilst here - a glass, a plate and a lamp-shade I think. Then we can give our notice and they'll start showing people through, and we can concentrate on the 20th. It's too hard to wait!

So when you going to be here Dayna?

Friday, 7 April 2006

we're all going on a ... Autumn holiday!?

since everyone else is writing posts today, i may as well jump on the blog (bandwagon.. get it?!.. yeah, okay.. i'll stop trying to be funny...)

anyway.. today i did something slightly random, quite impulsive and very exciting! i bought a ticket to london! actually, i bought a ticket from sydney to london.. then from london to munich.. then from munich to london to sydney again.. heheh.. now all i have to do is work out how i'm going to get around while i'm in the UK.

the details.. i'm going to be away for about a month (that's all the leave i could have - and that's on half pay).. i leave on Saturday 20th May (just after the next Module of my course) and hit Aussie soil again on Thursday 22nd June.

i'm definitely going to edinburgh - probably spend about a week there (is that okay, glenn and dee? if not, i'll stay at someone else's house! *grin*).. and then spend a few days in various places visiting friends. the current task is to find everyone! *grin* and then make some kind of itinerary..

yes, it's a bit crazy.. but it's also like hitting a big 'reset' button for me.. a holiday away from work, a time-out from australia (and the associations places here might have), but still a chance to spend time with people i care about.

so G&D, is there anything you'd like me to bring over?

woohoo!! (i've got a month to sort out everything else.. no worries!)

Bendigo here we come

Hi all,

You probably know already, but Cheryl and I are flying to Melbourne on Thursday 13th and then flying home the following Tuesday 18th. We've organised a trip to Melbourne with Cheryl's parents on Tuesday, but they're not able to pick us up on the Thursday.. so I'm just wondering if anyone was available, if Dayna you would be passing through again or anything like that? It's no big deal, we can catch the Skybus into Melbourne and then hop on a V-Line train to Bendigo, but i thought I'd ask anyway :) The flight will be arriving 11:45am Victoria time.

We also haven't gone so far as to organise anywhere to stay, so Mum and Dad will you have a bed free for part of that time? And what day is the usual big lunch, is that the Monday?

In other news, my Grading is either this Sunday or the following Wednesday if we run out of time. It's for Shodan-ho, provisional first dan. Then in a year hopefully I can go for full first dan. There's no rushing things in the sword arts ;)

Trinity update - 8 months and one week

Well, I finally took Trinity to the health centre. She weighs 9.28kg and is 70cms long. That's +530g and +2.5cms in 2 months.
On the downside...we went to leave the carpark and the car died while I was reversing. Had to call RACV...waited over an hour for the mechanic, who was then called to an emergency (kid stuck in a car)...meanwhile mum picked up the kids from school and since the health centre is also the community house adam and I had a coffee. It was a horrible day Wednesday, pouring rain and freezing! So the kids and I were given a lift home by one of the ladies in the office and adam waited for the mechanic to come back...he ended up calling and saying we needed a tow truck, so adam came home and we waited until Thursday morning to call RACV again and say we needed a tow to the nearest depot. Carolynn had the day off so she came with me (and Trinity) to wait at the car, and a guy was there and let us wait inside because the wind made it cold. There ended up being a group doing some mosaic-ing, so we joined in while we waited (Carolynn designed a panda face and we put it onto a concrete tile/paver/thing, we even stayed to finish after the car was towed) Then we walked home and Rhonda was waiting to take us to ESC for parent/teacher interviews because hers were at the same time as ours! So kind!! She had taken Jared to school in the morning, and picked him up as well...she also took the kids to school this morning, will have to get her some Roses (chockies hehe)
This is a long post, but we are waiting to hear when the car will be done, it has a burnt out wire that needs replacing. Thanks mum, who is going to pick the kids up today as well! I think that's about everything!! More than a Trinity update, but anyway.

Sunday, 2 April 2006

Yup, we're taking that new flat!

It would be fair to say that our apartment viewings this weekend went well -- we agreed to the first place we saw! Yep, it's the one mentioned a couple of posts ago, the "unique place of residence" in Lisa's words. And it is certainly unique.

It's on the third floor, which by virtue of hilly land means it is one flight of steps up from the entrance hall to our corridor (there's also a lift, for when we're feeling lazy or have a load of shopping). Right next to the Waters of Leith, with a little balcony that looks out over the waters and a small footbridge which crosses them, perfect for sitting outside on a sunny day (in Scotland? Maybe) and soaking up the atmosphere. It's also big enough to fit a wee Weber barbeque, on which we can "chuck another prawn, mate".

Inside is modern, if a little rough around the edges. Certainly newer than most of the buildings around Edinburgh! It's got all the things we wanted, and some more besides: a bath, two double bedrooms, a good-sized kitchen (heaps of storage space), dish-washer. Even a little gas fireplace, although I'm not entirely sure it works, and a couch and two lounge chairs for, well, lounging.

The location is great, which is probably the most important factor: 10 minutes from the nearest train station, and only about 20 to my work (a walk along the Waters I might add - a calming way to start and end the day!) The station even cuts 5 minutes off the total travel time, which makes Dee happy. It's in a little village kind of area, very quiet, with tiny cobblestone paths between all the houses.

We move in on the 20th of May. I can't wait!

Saturday, 1 April 2006

Kitchen is done!

Yesterday the new blinds were installed so the kitchen is finished. Dad lined the cupboards with left over vinyl and even repacked them while I was at work. I have now finished my first week at work. It's lots of fun but since I walk there and back it should get me a bit fitter than I was. I work Monday 1 till 3.30, Tuesday and Thursday from 10.45 till 2.15 , Wednesday 9 to 11 and friday 8.30 till 11. I look very official in my YMCA uniform. Next kitchen photos show the uniform as well as the vinyl.
Today I put a layer of polish on the floor since it is a very light colour and was showing marks. The bathroom and laundry got a go as well. That's the housework done. Going to Denise and Peter's tomorrow for tea ( for Pete's birthday)
love to all