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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Yay, mid year break!!

I'm on my mid year break currently and doing really well at TAFE, I've found doing less classes is less stressful and gives me more time to focus on my assessments. I picked up a bit of holiday work for 10 days at the eisteddfod which has been pretty good and relaxed as well as some experience for my resume and a little extra money. Other than that I haven't been up to much.

Jarrad's waiting for his appointment for scopes and a biopsy which will hopefully show something because we still don't know why he's sick, but it can be up to 90 days before we hear anything. His doctor still won't look at what might be wrong with his knees though because she thinks it's related to his stomach issues and doesn't think that any of it could be chronic fatigue, so depending on these results and what she says it might be doctor hunting time again.

Sunday Mum, Jarrad, the girls and I are going to the Lego expo again. We went last year and loved it, so I'll make sure to take lots of photos of all the cool Lego things :)

July already(well almost)

Time to start getting organised for my holiday. Today Clive and I went out to lunch with John and Julie Gibson. They're heading to the UK including Cardiff about a week before I return home. Tried to return their african violet but it's home with me again so Carolynn will have to look after it as well as mine.

I've been writing birthday cards as I decided to give them out with dates to be opened. I'll deposit Jules money into your account Glenn so You can help him choose what he wants (or save it for him.)

Still wondering about spending money over there. I have a multicurrency card with pounds that I think I can get out as cash and can top up from my bank account. I hear Copenhagen is an expensive place to visit so I probably will need to do the topping up once I'm at your place Dayna. Also hear there's a heat wave so looking forward to that.

My weekend at Craft Alive was very successful as I sold two of the hats Mum and I made. I went in the crocheting world record attempt. We were about twelve people short (Were you there Lisa?) We had a lot of interest in the Spinning and Weaving so hope to get a few new members from it.

Quiet night at home tonight so I can start to get a bit organised. Back to dancing at Castlemaine tomorrow after we have a Spinner's meeting.  Lisa, I am free on Thursday if you want a hand. I understand the Frozen party is tomorrow. Are you going or is just Trinity invited?

So happy the phone is working now. Decided to postpone replacement of the microwave and the TV in the lounge (it started doing a green screen) until I return.

Last Sunday night, Clive and I had dinner with friends. Such a fun night. My turn to be hostess, also after I return.

Time for more posts from the family now it's school holidays.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

And relax..

After a month of what felt like non-stop work, I've had a very quiet week. I managed to take some time off (most of the week, in fact) and have achieved very little. This is a good thing!

This weekend we're at John & Gwen's - we're all going to see Elton John at Walsall Football Stadium tonight. :-) I've heard that he has a very good live show, so it should be fun even though it's raining!

We've been shopping this morning, picking up some random bits and pieces ready for Glastonbury (at the end of the month) and summer (hopefully arriving soon). Tomorrow we're going to Ikea for breakfast and bed shopping before heading back to Cardiff, and then it's back to the grindstone on Monday.

Been a good break for me though!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Videos to go

When I mentioned getting rid of videos in my decluttering, Dayna asked me to list what was here. Many came from Linda when they disposed of their video player.
Here's the list
The Emporer's New Groove, Star wars 1,2 and 5, Labrinth, Cats and Dogs, Mists of Avalon, Finding Nemo, Lady and the tramp, Swan Princess, Robin Hood, The Princess Bride, Mouose Hunt, Lion King, Chicken Run, El Dorado, secret of Numh, Beauty and the Beast, The Dark Crystal, Shrek, Tarzan, Jurassic Park, Prince of Egypt, Pinocchio, the Fox and the Hound, a Bug's Life, Pocahontas, Lord of the Rings and a boxed set of Snoopy.
Very varied. Now I can drop them at the op shop.
Visited the recycle yard today to dispose of the old sewing machine, old phones and a tiled chess board. May toss the big speakers but I wasn't sure if they were saleable at the Swap Meet. Also rang to ask the scrap metal man to take away the old microwave. I'm using the old Toshiba one that sat outside ready for me to use for dyeing. It was a throw away Dad used when he was at Cobden. If it lasts, I'll delay getting a new one until I come back in August.
Bin is full of old plastic pipes and scraps from the side of the shed. Very happy with that much of the tidy up.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Afternoon tea celebrations

We had a lovely afternoon tea for Mum. I've shared the photos on Google I think. Clive and I took Mum's goodies home for her before tea time. I was exhausted but only did 8000 or so steps. Everyone hoped in helping with serving, dishes and tidying away so I don't know why I felt tired. Today (Monday) I washed the floors and did the last of the putting away.
Also went to Harvey Norman to check microwaves, phones and TV's. Came home with a new phone/answering machine and because I'd seen it advertised elsewhere cheaper, I got an extra $20 off. Uniden with  three handsets and an answering machine. Now to check on microwaves. Leaning towards the 40 l LG at the moment or the flat bed Panasonic. HN man said don't expect more than 5 years this time (not like the 30 I've just had) and he advised I purchase the extra warranty as well. He was very helpful and not pushy so it will depend on the experience at Reilly's or Good Guys as to where I buy.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Party party

Saturday night twenty went out to dinner at the Borough Club. Enjoyed our meal and the socialization.
I've put photos up on google. Karen (Michele's sister )and her husband Len flew down from Queensland to surprise Mum.
Denise organised a chocolate sponge cake. We demolished that.Chris, Emma and Ryan came because they couldn't get there on Sunday. Dot and Max are heading back to Queensland so timed it to be here for the party.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Happy birthday continues

 Made a raspberry swirl cake for the Mad Hatters morning tea. After discussing the 'don't hit the plate with the knife ', we said our explanation was you had to kiss the nearest male so one of the ladies got Shane, the owner to come in. (I taught with young Shane at Eaglehawk North a few years ago). All enjoyed the cake. I cut it into 16 so there was a slice for Shane. Afterwards, came back to my place to clean up some leftovers since I'm going out tonight with Clive's family for an 80th birthday celebration (To Mason's of Bendigo in a group of ten. Been checking their web site. Wonder if we'll get one of the upstairs rooms?)
 Mum doesn't want to be on FB so I thought this was the best way to share. Don't tell her about the Spinners photos.

She's seen the back room with it's preparation for a party now.