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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Our makeover is complete

I thought I'd write a quick post here (before it gets too late) to tell y'all about our little makeover[1] which was completed today.

Jess and co. from Temple & Webster arrived at 9am this morning and immediately started unloading a van with various things -- I dawdled as long as I could, but eventually had to head off to work (dammit!), with a promise to return circa 3:30 for the wrap-up and photo shoot. Luckily (?), I'm so busy with work at the moment that the intervening hours just flew by, so before I knew it I was taking my leave and heading back home...

... to find all sorts of shiny interior design-y goodness had magically transformed our habitat into a cosy little home. We had new furniture and furnishings, plants and greenery galore, a dining table, lamps and haberdashery[2]. I wandered through the space in awe, finding new marvels at every turn and only half-listening as Jess explained each item or another. A rug made from saris? Hand-stencilled cushion covers? Tiny poison bottles-cum-vases? A fiddle-leaf fern in our house?? All very cool, very "us" (I think) but somehow more than we would have been able to put together ourselves (price notwithstanding).

Last weekend we cleared all the outside furniture and pressure-cleaned the deck, then put down a layer of decking oil; Monday and Tuesday night Dee finished off with another layer. We had to keep the kids off it as long as we could, but when Jules finally slipped through he just loved running around the empty balcony.

When he got home today to find the new stuff, he walked around saying "Oooh!" and "Cool!" a lot -- unimaginably cute. I'm very happy with the result, and so was Jules: "I like it," he declared. Let's face it, I'm probably only still up now (at 11pm) because I want to spend time here, and can't afford to work from home tomorrow (like Dee is). But yeah, photos[3]!

[1] As a reminder, I entered a "25 words or less" competition from The Livingroom (TV show) and won an $18,000 lounge room makeover. As you've seen from the photos, in a small little cottage like ours that actually stretched to include our bedroom and the outside balcony area.

[2] Honestly, I didn't even know that was a thing (although I'm not using the term correctly -- think "knick knacks" rather than buttons and beads).

[3] I've asked for copies of the professional photos, which should include some of the "making of" behind-the-scenes. In the meantime, these iPhone and Android photos will have to do.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Meet Max

We've got a new member of the family - Max, or as the kids call him "Little Maxie". We adopted him from the RSPCA on Saturday, although we didn't pick him up until Monday because he needed to be desexed. We were lucky - another person had put in an application for him about 5 minutes before us, but they didn't have approval from their landlord so they missed out.

He's a really affectionate little guy. About 11 weeks old, so he has bursts of typical boy insanity racing around the house jumping on things but most of the time he's happy to just relax or, as he did this morning, sleep in my lap while I work ;) Lily seems to swing between being afraid of him when he's a bit frisky and being his best friend the rest of the time. Ossie was so excited to pick him up from the Vet and loves him, although like with all animals he's a little wary.

Still, I think he's the right kind of cat for our family - quiet and friendly. Now if we can just sort out his sleeping so he's not scratching at our door all night that'll be perfect ;)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

February is zooming along

Hi all,
Been meaning to write a post but like many of you, I don't think much has been happening.
It was great to see Glenn when he had his Victorian visit. Thank you for the great iced tea jug and fruit tea. I've had fun with that with the very hot weather we've been having. Hope you got all of the goodies home without any trouble. Hope the settlement with the house has continued smoothly. I was glad that area didn't seem to have been affected by the fires last week.

Dayna and Bruce, while we've been sweltering with 40+ days for three lots of four or five days at a time, you have had the cold and rain from what I've seen.Hope you are both keeping well and take care with driving on the narrow and slippery roads.Feeling very guilty that I still haven't written to Gwen and John to thank them for the earrings. I'll have to find something special to send back with you at Easter.

Nana felt she still wasn't happy that her car wouldn't let her down as it did over Christmas so we went car shopping. Auntie Denise and I found a couple of cars for sale privately in Bendigo on Carsales but only checked out the one she found.We took a Camry for a test drive and while the history was great the car was too big for Mum. Headed out to the Holden dealer to check out a Suzuki Alto but took the Nissan Micra sitting next to it for the test. It was dearer but seemed a better car so Nana now has a 2011 white Nissan Micra with 25000 on the clock. I got the Pintara roadworthied and Lisa is going to have it until she can afford a newer update and then Carolynn is waiting for wheels.The Laser is giving some concern and Jared thinks he'd rather learn in an auto. (Lazy?) Carolynn only has an auto licence.The dealer offered $250 to 500 as a trade which was tempting. I hope the car continues to run well for Lisa and Carolynn. Couple of the roadworthy things we think should have been fixed in the regular servicing, but Col has sold his business and a new man has it. Not sure he is as good as Col was.Nana thinks it was his cleaning the engine when he serviced it before Christmas that led to the troubles of not starting, although he eventually said it was a switch. Even the RACV said it was electrical but it wasn't.

Denise got me some tomatoes so I made relish (two batches) but no sauce this year.Still sauce tomatoes available if I feel so inclined.

Continuing with the dancing and now I'm helping with the Dahlia and Arts Deb Ball this year, with a view to becoming co coordinator next year. Beginning to have doubts about that but we'll see.That's added Sunday to going out but only until 21st March.One of the Red Hat ladies has said I can check out her dresses for a Ball gown.This week is cooler so I need to get on to it.

Yesterday John came back to show a friend the Buick(he had asked first). Still no offer of how much they would be prepared to pay. I told Jeff that Les had spent $10000 on it. He said if I wanted to sell I should let him know. Back to thinking I need to get some advice on value.At least if it's cooler I feel more like getting organised.

Clive is busy for  a couple of weeks. He's watering at the race course six nights a week. Should be good for his bank balance although once he earns a certain amount the government cuts his pension.

Hoping that Daria and Oscar are enjoying school. It has been so hot I'm sure all of the children are exhausted when they come home.

How has Jules been managing  with day care? Sydney doesn't seem to have had the intense heat we've had here.

All for now. Hope to hear from someone else now.