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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 31 October 2006


Well, you all know we had Trinity Baptised last weekend. We got lots of photos, and I have some of the photos Dayna took as well. Fiona got some but I have to catch up with her to see what she has.
I thought I would also let you all know that Trinity has been trying to stand up by herself. At Jared's school production she sat up the front with Carolynn on some mats. She pushed up onto her hands and feet, and balanced herself to stand up for a few seconds before letting herself down. She did this a couple of times, it was a bit sad that Adam wasn't there (he didn't feel well that night)
But she did it again at Carole's on Saturday night, it was so cute. She did it a few times, like, oh, that was fun, see if I can do it again! The other thing she has started this week is climbing up on the couch! Such a clever little girl! She will be walking by Christmas I'm sure :)
I'm having trouble uploading photos, so I will do that later.

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Car shopping

Cheryl and I are in the market for a car. It's part of a longer term plan to buy a house, possibly next year. We've got three cars in mind which we've heard good things about - the Holden Barina, the Ford Laser and the Toyota Camry. Based on the amount of money we have, something in the range of 1995 and up for a year.
We're going to have a look at a 1997 laser this weekend, but based on last weekend I wont hold my breath. We'll let you know how we go with it all.. it's possible that if we come back for christmas we might even be driving :)
What have you guys been doing? And have you heard anything good or bad about the cars we're looking at?

Saturday, 14 October 2006

And the birthday wishes continue..

Happy Birthday Glenn!

I hope you've had or are having a good day. What did you get up to to celebrate?

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

the internet is not a series of tubes. it's a sack of presents!

Hi all,

Just a gift update. Mum and Dad, the book is still on order in the US, so the current approximate delivery is the end of November.. but it's going to depend on when they get the book, and then about three weeks after that for postage. It's being posted straight to your house though.

Glenn, happy birthday for Saturday! We've ordered you a gift from your wishlist online, so don't go buying anything off there. If it's not at your house already, it can't be far off.. and sorry if i've ruined the surprise ;)

Thank you Mr. Internets.

Sunday, 8 October 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Just what the title says, Happy Birthday Dad. I hope you're having a relaxing day :)

Saturday, 7 October 2006

How good in your hearing?

Apparently there's a sound which no "adult" can hear. Kids in the UK have been using it as a ringtone, so they can recieve calls in school and their teacher wont know.

It's based on the fact that your hearing degrades over time, although I can hear it and so can Cheryl (and technically we're too old) .. so i'm interested to see if you guys can too.

Click here to listen to a wav of the file. Then let us all know if you hear anything.

Sunday, 1 October 2006

Happy Boys-day

Happy Birthday Damien!

I hope you're having/had (I can never remember the international time ... I think it's now the day after the day before, er, you know what I mean, or if you don't then, well maybe you're me) a brilliant day and enjoy all your gifts and (more importantly?) the attention *wink*. Did you enjoy (wait, that is definitely NOT the right word!) appreciate "An Inconvenient Truth"? We're going to look out for it in the local Indy (that's Indy-speak for "Independent", Mum and Dad *even cheekier wink*) cinema.

How old are you now, little brother? Twenty-six or something equally ridiculous, no? I can still remember all our childish misbehaviour -- He-man vs the Ninja Turtles, battling it out in either Castle Grayskull, the TMNT Sewers or that place where Hordak and his goons hung out, what was it called? I remember painting Superman black to make him an evil Superman (your Batman toy had so much more anghst, dang!), and how the Transformers could kick butt over regular Matchbox Cars every single time, despite Matchbox's superior numbers. Ah, good times.

And that was just last week on your podcast. (Hey, there's a topic for next week!)

Anyway, Cheryl said you got your pressie, and so did you from work the other day, so enjoy! Thinking of you tonight as I have 一献 of sake. Mmmm, sake. Tell me again when you heading to Japan? How many bottles of delicious rice-wine are you allowed to smuggle bring back completely legitemitely? (Yes, I just found the strikethough button in this editor. It's cool!)

In other news: today, whilst looking for some gym shoes, I got Dee a guitar.

It's nice, too -- a black acoustic Fender, sweet tones, came in a beginners pack which included a tuner, set of strings and DVD. I also got a stand for it, so it can sit out in our lounge-room and tempt us to play, or at least attempt to play.

We've watched the first lesson on the DVD, and have been practising E5 and A5. I'm sure all the guitaristas out there are probably laughing, but it's a start for us -- I can't wait to get some tablature and have a good ol' jam some time in (probably) a couple of months. Maybe she'll even go for an open mic night somewhere? I'd be in for that, provided I could do vocals ... and got plenty of time to practise!

As I say, it's some time away. Not maybe places, even in Edinburgh, will let you play a gig when you only know two chords. Well, maybe Bannerman's Bar, but that's a student haunt I think (put enough beer in students, or "suits" for that matter, they will clap anything ... as any purveyor of open mic knows all too well).

I didn't find my gym shoes of course. It's always the same -- you go looking for a particular something, guaranteed you will find something else equally compelling.