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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 9 March 2015

Gordon St Gossip

Hi all, time for a post from us.

You've probably all seen by now that I rolled my ankle pretty badly last Monday. It's not broken, just pretty swollen and sore. That bit of excitement aside, I've been doing the usual - working, training etc. There's an Iaido grading coming up at the end of this month so I've been preparing my students for that. I'm also starting to organise the mid-year seminar, and teaching a couple of the Melbourne students on the side.

Cheryl's also been doing the usual - looking after the kids (and me now!) and getting to Pilates once a week. She's been teaching Lil to use the potty, and that's coming along really well. Oh, and walking. So much walking, thanks Dee for the Fitbit ;)

Ossie is enjoying school more this year. His favourite subject is Maths. I take him to a kids soccer class once a week to help him with his coordination (and confidence), and after some uncertainty and tears during the first lesson he's really gotten into it. I'm not a fan of forcing him to do something he doesn't want to, but in this case I think he needed the push - for the first few weeks he would complain and say he didn't want to go, but within 5 minutes was running around kicking the ball and loving it. Now he's keen to just get straight into it and start kicking goals.

Like I said Lil is learning to use the potty, and loves wearing jocks. She's got them on for most of the day now. Cheryl also takes her to a kids gym where she loves climbing, jumping and rolling around, and to the library for toddler sessions, with reading and singing. Actually, Lil loves to sing - she made up this song the other day (she was in her high chair and had finished dinner):

I want to hop down
That's what I really want
I want to hop down
All over the place
I want to hop doooooowwwwn.

Max sleeps all day.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Cardiff capers

Time flies! I can't believe that my last post was last year! ....actually, I can believe it but I'm not pleased about it. January was extremely busy - I talked to trainee teachers in Swansea, Aberystwyth, and Newport; a new Education Coordinator started in Bangor and I went up for induction; there was a team meeting in London and Cambridge with lots of new faces - the RSC education team has doubled since last year! Phew!

February was a very different beast - not away at all (I think)! Lots of office days have helped to get some of the paperwork under control and things are looking positive for the future - especially now there's two of us working in Wales. :-)

Speaking of Wales, last Sunday was Saint David's Day (1st March). B's folks were visiting and it was a lovely sunny day here in Cardiff, so we went in to town to see the parade. The parade started at the Town Hall (next to the museum - where we grabbed a cuppa beforehand). It wound through the town and finished in Cardiff Castle grounds. Entrance to the Castle was free for the day, so we got to watch the start and the end of the parade.

According to the St David's Day Parade website, the non-military parade is an opportunity for those who live in Wales, regardless of age, ethnic or social background, to join a dignified and imaginative celebration of Welsh heritage and culture. So there were lots of community groups in the parade this year: Welsh pipers, giant seagulls, choristers, and lots of people in traditional dress. :-) The rest of my photos are here.
From 2012

I really liked the home-made costumes - The dragons were some of my favourites - they were all so different (other than being red and black) and fabulous. I don't think the parade was impressive as the last time I saw it... mainly because they didn't have ANY of the giant puppets of famous Welsh people.

Wonder what next year's parade will be like.

Buick is sold

The Buick has been sold to Mrs Rohde's daughter and her husband. No quibble on the $10000.They are going away for several weeks so won't be collecting until May but will pay me sooner.
Might need a working bee to tidy the shed after they take it.
Possible interest in the Torana from Ted so when we get it going I'll let him know.

Other decluttering. Does anyone want the organ kept? I'll ask Denise if they're interested. If not, any ideas on getting rid of it. The op shop who would collect it are the final idea.
Also does anyone want the children's videos kept?

Working well.
I rang Len to let him know it's gone. They lost some roofing on their house last week in the storm so are busy with that.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

March mutterings

Hi all,
Another possible Buick deal in the air. The husband of a friend is in to old cars. I mentioned the Buick and he came for a look on Thursday. They are going away so didn't expect to hear anything but he rang on Friday morning to say he isn't interested but he has a couple of friends who'd like a look so they are coming on Sunday afternoon.
I told Ted about the Torana so we thought it could be here on Sunday but the battery is dead. That hasn't happened before and I think I replaced it since Les passed away. Must check the file. We came back here for a spanner and Clive will call and get the battery on his way home. I'll put it on a charger overnight to see if it can be saved.
Lisa, can you return the battery charger please. I have another one here but not sure how it will go. Also, when we got the spanner I noticed two gaps. Does Jared still have two shifters there? Also think I'm missing a purple extension lead. Les would be horrified I haven't kept the shed more tidy I think.

Just passed on the information to Carolynn  as they were here last night and just joined Nana and I for a cuppa.
Ordered some photos while Big w has the 10c deal so I'll get nana some of Jules, Oscar and Lily as well as the Carolynn one from Jared's party. Must check to see if I have a nice one of Jared too.

All for now so keep stepping . Love from Mum