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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Baby update

This morning we had our 36week midwife appointment. Damien got to come along as well which was really good (he has missed the last few because Os has been asleep). We were very interested to find out how baby is lying. The last two appointments she has been transverse (lying sideways with her head on my right) but she had since seemed to have moved. The midwife had a bit of trouble locating the baby's head so we had a quick ultrasound and the baby's head was down, but after a second opinion from the doctor we were told the baby is actually lying oblique (on an angle with her head towards my left hip). So she had turned a lot and maybe a little too much!! We're booked in for an extra appointment with the doctor next week where we'll see if the baby has moved again and if not talk about our options. Apart from moving around into the wrong position, everything seems to be going alright. A lot of kicks and movement, especially in the evening. I've been feeling a lot more mobile than I did with Oscar at this stage... I've been doing a bit of shopping and we've been out for dinner a few times, and I can still get up from the floor! :)
Oscar is doing well. He's still at childcare the same two days a week until next week... gives him something different to do (staying at home involves a lot of tv watching while mummy rests :-\ ) and it also gives me a break. Recently he has been doing a lot of singing. Even if he doesn't know all the words he still gets the tune right so we know what song he's singing! It's especially impressive when he sings a song we haven't taught him.
Damien is going well, also. He has been really busy getting things organised... carpet cleaning, lawn mowing, tree chopping and all the other household jobs that I can no longer do! I'm very grateful for all the work he does :) Our next job is to finish tidying our room so that we can move the bassinet in there.
That's about it from us! Hope everyone else is doing well, also :)


  1. Aye, I'm well aware of the shrinking amount of time we have left to do these jobs. The carpet cleaning took up pretty much all of Saturday and some of Sunday, since all the furniture had to be moved out, the floor vaccuumed and then cleaned, and then furniture moved back when it finally dried.. and the mowing took up the rest of Sunday since we still have a lot of sticks and branches from cutting the tree down that need to be collected before mowing. This Saturday I've got a 3 hour instructors training session for Iaido Saturday, but hopefully we can get our room cleaned up and furniture moved to the shed as well. Plus I need to be into work early to make up for the time spent at the hospital today (and next Tuesday), and try to keep on top of washing, rubbish and other general cleaning.. so all up it's going to be a crazy busy next few weeks. And that's before our little girl is here :)

  2. Great to hear about how things are going. Nana and I are looking forward to coming to help you. Furniture to the shed? Will that be my new room?
    Glad to hear the mowing is sorted and you are now an experienced carpet cleaner (for future reference)
    Love and cuddles

  3. Looking forward to your visit, too! I know Os will love it when you are here. He keeps on asking to go to "Nanny's house" (every time we get into the car!) and so we've been reminding him that Nanny will come to "Oscar's house" very soon :)
    I think Damien was referring to the extra furniture... the set of drawers and the clothes rack. Yourself and Nanna will still get the spare room :)


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