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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Happy birthday Jared!


Hope you have a most excellent day.

*big hugz* from Aunty dayna
(and keep your eye on the post box.. *grin*..although it might take a week or so....)

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Patrick's adventures

Damien and Cheryl sent Patrick to me. He's a very cool little monster and he likes to go on adventures. His first adventure (other than his trip over here from Adelaide) was in London. He didn't leave Glenn and Dee's apartment, but he still managed to get into a few things..
life's short..patrick likes musicmm.. wine..

His second adventure was up in Scotland. He came to Glasgow with me - I'm not sure what kind of mischief he got up to while I was working...

patrick in glasgowcatching up on some reading

And then when we got home, all he wanted to do was play with the toy "Lab in a Lorry" that I'd got.. of course, he was good enough to share with Moo.
me too..

I'll try to keep track of Patrick's adventures - but sometimes he wanders off without telling me. Cheeky monster. *grin*

Friday, 15 February 2008

quick question..

i was just going back through the Bandwagon (i need to provide my addresses for the last 5 years for a CRB check so i can work with kids).. couldn't find my addresses (worked them out tho i think), but i did notice that tim still has some posts back in the archives..

..anyone care if i delete them? i know he was part of my life for a while.. but i don't need reminders of it. only thing is it will delete comments too.. ..i'm sure he's not said anything important.. and i can put any interesting comments into their own posts..

that okay?

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Flashback... Dublin and Catania

..and wine by daynoir
I've just recently uploaded these photos, so I figured I could write a little bit about them. :)

I'd planned my trip to Dublin for a while.. I was going over to see my friend Paul (he lived next door to me in Halls). But then a last-minute work trip to Catania cut my weekend short. So rather than having a weekend in Dublin, I had one whole Saturday.. and then a few days in the south of Italy (with warmish weather, so I won't complain *grin*).

spiral stairs by daynoirI met Paul in Dublin on Saturday morning - he had to go off and do some singing, so I wandered around the city for a while. I went and did a tour of Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells (amazingly intricate designs that were drawn with bone and stuff), had lunch in Temple Bar (at a wholefoods market.. tasty food!) and then wandered my way out to Kilmainham Gaol (and did another tour).

I caught up with Paul again in the afternoon and we had tasty tapas dinner, went home and dropped off my bag and then headed back into town for a Halloween Party (Paul dressed up as a zombie pirate.. I just went as a demon - they look like normal people *grin*)

Sunday morning I headed to Catania.. It was some trip.. I got a bus from near Paul's, flight to London Gatwick, waited there a while before getting another flight to Florence, a quick change over and the flight to Catania. The change-over between Florence and Catania was a bit stressful. Actually a lot stressful! On arrival into Florence we had to go through immigration - somehow I ended up at the end of the line (not at all sure how!!). Anyway, the result was that they were calling my name over the PA.. I scurried to security near the gate - but had to go back and get a boarding pass (they couldn't give me both when I checked in at Gatwick because the systems are strange..). I ran back downstairs to the check-in desk, the girl didn't understand that I was meant to be on the next flight.. she thought I wanted to buy a ticket or something (she didn't even understand my printed itinery). So another trek across the hall to the ticket people and FINALLY I found a lovely woman who understood what I needed, phoned the girl at the check-in desk and off I went to get my boarding pass. Back upstairs, through security (although they stopped me because they thought I had water in my bag!?), and eventually I made it onto the plane. *phew*
sicilian village by daynoir
Catania was interesting.. the city itself seems like it was beautiful once.. but is now run-down and decaying.. I was staying in a hotel out of town - not far from the village above.. it was pretty .. especially at night and when the sun was shining. :)

cacti, sea and rocks by daynoirThe meetings were a bit interesting.. but it was better once they were finished. :) I wandered around Catania, got rained on a LOT, had the best hot chocolate EVER! It was a thick Italian (of course) hot chocolate with some Grand Marnier in it.. mmmmmm... Andrea made it for me (and even paid for it..heheh). He's a chef/waiter at the little cafe I went to to get out of the rain. He ended up coming to the castle with me and I had fantastic pizza dinner with him one night too (the picture at the top).

All in all, not a bad few days (and so long ago now it's hard to remember it). *grin*

...and I'm still not up to date yet.. *grin*

Friday, 8 February 2008

new ceiling

After a busy week we now have a plaster ceiling in the sunroom. Dad sanded it today and went to buy some ceiling paint. He hopes to get the undercoat on this weekend since the weather is to be cool. He's very tired at the moment.
I've just finished my first full week. I'm glad to have Fridays off. I did my aquaexercise, walked down to the library then to work to sign my roster. Laundry is up to date including some from work because I forgot to send it home with a parent. A good day off.
When is the house warming?
Great to talk to Glenn this morning. I tried for Dayna as well but no answer. Is she still in Glasgow? Maybe on the job arranging volunteer tutors and schools.
Heard from Val Loomes last night. All good now, but Peter has been sick and has finally given up smoking.
Lots of love to all

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Cross age tutoring & OH&S

Well tuesday I had to do 2 OH&S test & the good news is I past both of them. So now I have to find some where to do cross age tutoring.

Monday, 4 February 2008


Hi all, I'm back at work and we have four new children due on Wednesday. One is called Dayna. Even spelt right. I met her today but haven't had a chance to ask her Mum where she got the name. After one day I'm tired. I'm sure by Thursday night I'll be looking for takeaway tea and collapsing. Oh well the children so far are OK and have even coped with a change in routine because of the weather. Our Blue group is now full but we haven't had the full 29 in either group yet. I should be losing weight but somehow I'm gaining. All that energy used should be making a difference.
Today Dad and Phil put the formwork up for our ceiling in the sunroom.
Yesterday we had a visit from Val and Trevor Peacock for lunch and the afternoon.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Book Cover

This is the front cover that I entered in this comp. hope it wins maybe not.