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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 2 April 2006

Yup, we're taking that new flat!

It would be fair to say that our apartment viewings this weekend went well -- we agreed to the first place we saw! Yep, it's the one mentioned a couple of posts ago, the "unique place of residence" in Lisa's words. And it is certainly unique.

It's on the third floor, which by virtue of hilly land means it is one flight of steps up from the entrance hall to our corridor (there's also a lift, for when we're feeling lazy or have a load of shopping). Right next to the Waters of Leith, with a little balcony that looks out over the waters and a small footbridge which crosses them, perfect for sitting outside on a sunny day (in Scotland? Maybe) and soaking up the atmosphere. It's also big enough to fit a wee Weber barbeque, on which we can "chuck another prawn, mate".

Inside is modern, if a little rough around the edges. Certainly newer than most of the buildings around Edinburgh! It's got all the things we wanted, and some more besides: a bath, two double bedrooms, a good-sized kitchen (heaps of storage space), dish-washer. Even a little gas fireplace, although I'm not entirely sure it works, and a couch and two lounge chairs for, well, lounging.

The location is great, which is probably the most important factor: 10 minutes from the nearest train station, and only about 20 to my work (a walk along the Waters I might add - a calming way to start and end the day!) The station even cuts 5 minutes off the total travel time, which makes Dee happy. It's in a little village kind of area, very quiet, with tiny cobblestone paths between all the houses.

We move in on the 20th of May. I can't wait!


  1. yay! it looks great from the photo (the kitchen anyhow) and love the view. congrats guys, even if you have a couple of months before you move in.

  2. It definately looks fantastic, and hats off to you both for finding something so quickly. Nice work!

  3. Looks great but I won't count on sleeping there when we come to visit in 2008. You may have moved again by then. Seems good that you get a little more exercise and D saves some time off her long day.Is it furnished as much as where you are or do you now need to go furniture shopping?

  4. The real estate man, we'll call him "Clinton" (since that's his name), is sending over the full itinery today so we will be able to see exactly how much of the furniture will be staying and how much is the current tenants.

    I'm pretty sure that it will be more furnished than our current place, if anything. I'm expecting to only need to get some prints for the walls, or photo frames for our billion and two photos.

    Might need to get a TV as well, not sure. But there's a nice 36" HDTV LCD at Ebuyer for £720. I'm already planning on getting the bits for a surround-sound from there.

    2008 eh? Well, I'll have to check my diary but I think we should be able to squeeze you in ;-)

  5. It does look very nice! :)

  6. are you going to have a house-warming party? and if you are.. can it be in the first month?

    i think i'm going to come and visit!

    more as it comes to hand...

  7. hhmmmm, so, dayna, if you are planning a trip can i ask you to look for some things (craft things) i have seen in UK magazines but haven't found here??? *grin*


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