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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 9 April 2006


A very lazy day today.

Last night we went for drinks, to celebrate my manager getting a promotion and moving to another department. Her manager was there for a while, which was a bit weird, but nobody complained as he put the corporate card behind the bar -- free drinks for all!

So it was a late night, and a late start today as a result. I've not done much today at all, to be honest ... except make a few header images! It's so much fun! I'm inventing themes now, it's so fun! It's also very lazy way to waste the day.

Tomorrow we're off to Ikea to replace the things we've broken whilst here - a glass, a plate and a lamp-shade I think. Then we can give our notice and they'll start showing people through, and we can concentrate on the 20th. It's too hard to wait!

So when you going to be here Dayna?


  1. love the new looks!! so colourful!! yay!!

  2. kids counted the eggs, jared got 22 first and carolynn counted the glasses and glenn's head and got 29 then we all re-counted separately and have agreed that there's 30 (including glasses and glenn's head lol)

  3. ok, beltane, jared doesn't like having wings. i pointed out that carolynn and i also have wings...so why doesn't trinity? she takes after her dad!

  4. i'll be landing in london stupidly early on the 21st may.. not sure whether i'll come straight up to edinburgh, or make my way more slowly.. it kind of depends on who i hear from and where they are.

    i've got a month before i go, i'll have a better idea in may. *grin*


  5. Man, those headers are beautiful. Excellent work! I love the Jared (as Dave Graney?) in Rock and Roll, but i think Dad as the King in Beltane is my all time favourite.

  6. They really do look so cool, Glenn! As Damien said, very inspiring :) I really like Damien's facial hair & tattoos! :) And now that I have done part of one I know how much work and time goes into them.


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