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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 9 April 2006

My turn

I decided a new post rather than commenting on all the ones I've missed. Our bandwagon got very busy in a short time.
Apologies to Lisa because the message I got about collecting the kids was that she'd ring if she needed me and as she didn't I didn't. I did drive Lisa and Jared to collect the car later on Thursday. Hope it's now going well.
Glad to hear the Laser is fixed too. Since nine inch nails, the laser hasn't had a name. Ruby red ? sounds good. Lucky you having organized your holiday so quickly. Keep receipts in case you do something work related and can claim back on tax. I'll check to see when mid year school holidays are here. We may come to visit after you get back.
I love the new headers and the fact that you can switch between them. We tried to print out the Easter one but our red isn't working.
I've emailed you Damien to say Dad can collect you on Thursday. I'll be at work until 2.15.
We'll get back to you on the meals. Thank you for the phone call to fill us in on what we'd missed with the blogs.
Expecting Elaine and Arnold, Nana and Denise and Peter for tea tonight. We're having casseroles and lasange because we're not sure what time the folk will get here from Swan Hill.
Dad's busy digging post holes. He's made a start on his fernery renovation.
Thinking of you all over easter especially. I tried to ring you Glenn and D on Saturday morning (your Friday night ) but no answer. You're now 11 hours behind again aren't you?Don't forget to give us your new address.
lots of love to all

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  1. Huge thanks to Dad for offering to pick us up. And Mum if it's ok we'll stay with you guys Saturday and Sunday evenings, as we discussed


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