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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 7 April 2006

we're all going on a ... Autumn holiday!?

since everyone else is writing posts today, i may as well jump on the blog (bandwagon.. get it?!.. yeah, okay.. i'll stop trying to be funny...)

anyway.. today i did something slightly random, quite impulsive and very exciting! i bought a ticket to london! actually, i bought a ticket from sydney to london.. then from london to munich.. then from munich to london to sydney again.. heheh.. now all i have to do is work out how i'm going to get around while i'm in the UK.

the details.. i'm going to be away for about a month (that's all the leave i could have - and that's on half pay).. i leave on Saturday 20th May (just after the next Module of my course) and hit Aussie soil again on Thursday 22nd June.

i'm definitely going to edinburgh - probably spend about a week there (is that okay, glenn and dee? if not, i'll stay at someone else's house! *grin*).. and then spend a few days in various places visiting friends. the current task is to find everyone! *grin* and then make some kind of itinerary..

yes, it's a bit crazy.. but it's also like hitting a big 'reset' button for me.. a holiday away from work, a time-out from australia (and the associations places here might have), but still a chance to spend time with people i care about.

so G&D, is there anything you'd like me to bring over?

woohoo!! (i've got a month to sort out everything else.. no worries!)


  1. Brilliant! Of course you can stay with us -- stay as long as you like! You'll even get your own shower and toilet ...

    Yay! Visitors!

  2. wow, going in a month...cool. btw, jared says there should be an easter theme header ;)

  3. There ya go Jared!

    Now, how many Easter eggs are there?? :-P

  4. *pout* i knew i'd be too late with making a header.. *sigh*

    i've got it half done.. and it's not as good as yours.. ..o well...


  5. I agree, put it up anyway. And that's great news about the trip, you must be very excited :)


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