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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 7 April 2006

Bendigo here we come

Hi all,

You probably know already, but Cheryl and I are flying to Melbourne on Thursday 13th and then flying home the following Tuesday 18th. We've organised a trip to Melbourne with Cheryl's parents on Tuesday, but they're not able to pick us up on the Thursday.. so I'm just wondering if anyone was available, if Dayna you would be passing through again or anything like that? It's no big deal, we can catch the Skybus into Melbourne and then hop on a V-Line train to Bendigo, but i thought I'd ask anyway :) The flight will be arriving 11:45am Victoria time.

We also haven't gone so far as to organise anywhere to stay, so Mum and Dad will you have a bed free for part of that time? And what day is the usual big lunch, is that the Monday?

In other news, my Grading is either this Sunday or the following Wednesday if we run out of time. It's for Shodan-ho, provisional first dan. Then in a year hopefully I can go for full first dan. There's no rushing things in the sword arts ;)


  1. Good luck with your grading! Shodan-ho provisional first dan sounds cool, but how many years do you have to train before your start forging your own 1000-folded steel blades? ;-P

    Saw this wallpaper on Wikipedia and thought of you.

  2. Heh.. I'm happy enough right now to be able to fix the koiguchi of my saya when i need to.. which is fairly regularly, as would be expected when you need to flick the tip of the sword out with force (you build up scratches right at the mouth which stops the sword from locking in properly). I suspect the next most common fix will be when the seppa start to rattle a bit..

  3. sorry little brother.. i'm not coming to bendigo this easter. i'm going to use the time to finish unpacking the 9 boxes still in the box room and get my house sorted out.

    this is especially important now - cos i don't want to leave my house in a mess if i'm going to get someone to house-sit for me for a couple of weeks..



  4. good luck with the grading...altho i did find find your comment above mostly gibberish *wink*

  5. We were told we were going to have to learn all the parts of the sword, which to prove are in my head are saya, kojiri, kurigata, koiguchi, sageo, tsuka, kashira, menuki, mekugi, tsuka-maki, fuchi, seppa, habaki, munemachi, hamachi, ha, hamon, shinogi, hi, mune, nagako, mei, yasurime, mekugi-ana, mono uchi, boshi, kissaki, yokote and mitsu-gashira, as well as the founder of iaido (hayashizaki jinsuke shigenobu), the soke of hokushin (shinoda ohho masatsune) and the current grandmaster (kimura hekiho masakazu)... but we weren't tested on them. Bugger.


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