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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 9 April 2006

Super Friends

Hi all,

Inspired by Glenn's fantastic work on the headers, Cheryl and I decided to combine our powers and make a new header as well. Can you pick all the characters? I'm especially proud of Cheryl, who began with no knowledge of Flash at all but illustrated half the characters!


  1. Oh, and I graded this morning. I think I did ok. Now we have the several months wait to get the certificates from the main Dojo in Japan.

  2. Brilliant! I love it!

    Dee(Storm) says it rocks, too. I always knew we were a big bunch of super heroes -- thanks Cheryl for the great work!

  3. i like that "we" are all marvel characters... damien & cheryl are marvel/dc crossovers i think? glenn & dee are dark horse/marvel...mum & dad are both dc? which character is nana? i can't place hers...

    correct me if i'm wrong too btw

  4. oh oh...and dayna?? marvel?? phoenix??

  5. Heh, I don't think we really considered the comic book publishers, we just picked characters we thought were cool :) And Adam should be able to pick who Nana is I reckon.

  6. Yeah, Dayna is Phoenix. And Glenn was right, Dee is Storm :)

  7. venom, wolverine (logan heheh) mystique, hellboy, rogue, storm, spawn, batman, wonder woman, spidey, phoenix, cat woman, beast.

  8. i just noticed we are 13...auspicious? or suspicious?

  9. Can't we be both? Auspiciously suspicious? "Hmm, there's something odd about that bunch ... hey, I found a penny!"

  10. It was a lot of fun! Damien did spend a lot of time on it too, as well as helping me with the ones I did.

  11. I love being Wonder Woman. yeah!
    Lisa showed me how to save these great headers to Word so when we get the printer sorted, I'll print them out. We did buy new cartridges but they're not working as they should.
    Lisa has given us Luxor so there's another time waster, but it is fun.


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