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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 7 April 2006

Trinity update - 8 months and one week

Well, I finally took Trinity to the health centre. She weighs 9.28kg and is 70cms long. That's +530g and +2.5cms in 2 months.
On the downside...we went to leave the carpark and the car died while I was reversing. Had to call RACV...waited over an hour for the mechanic, who was then called to an emergency (kid stuck in a car)...meanwhile mum picked up the kids from school and since the health centre is also the community house adam and I had a coffee. It was a horrible day Wednesday, pouring rain and freezing! So the kids and I were given a lift home by one of the ladies in the office and adam waited for the mechanic to come back...he ended up calling and saying we needed a tow truck, so adam came home and we waited until Thursday morning to call RACV again and say we needed a tow to the nearest depot. Carolynn had the day off so she came with me (and Trinity) to wait at the car, and a guy was there and let us wait inside because the wind made it cold. There ended up being a group doing some mosaic-ing, so we joined in while we waited (Carolynn designed a panda face and we put it onto a concrete tile/paver/thing, we even stayed to finish after the car was towed) Then we walked home and Rhonda was waiting to take us to ESC for parent/teacher interviews because hers were at the same time as ours! So kind!! She had taken Jared to school in the morning, and picked him up as well...she also took the kids to school this morning, will have to get her some Roses (chockies hehe)
This is a long post, but we are waiting to hear when the car will be done, it has a burnt out wire that needs replacing. Thanks mum, who is going to pick the kids up today as well! I think that's about everything!! More than a Trinity update, but anyway.


  1. Wow, it'd be in times like that when you would really appreciate having helpful friends and family around hey :)

  2. The mosaic thing sounds cool - is it going to be a public work of art? What is it for?

    We'll be thinking of everyone over Easter. Got a phone card now so may even try calling, but we'll be in Cumbria (a couple of hours drive south) relaxing and reviving at a B & B.

    Glad to hear everyone is healthy!

  3. the mosaics are going to be put into the community garden, which apparently is near the bike track around here somewhere. will find out more later i think.

  4. know about the car thing.. my car has been misbehaving too.. kept needing that wonderful yellow box that mum and dad bought me for christmas (the jump-starter)..

    so.. took my car in for a service and it turns out the alternator wasn't happy.. but now the car is very happy, and i've got a certificate thingy so i can change over my rego (finally).. so by this time next week (hopefully), little Ruby RayGun will be ACT registered.

    Btw, did the little red car have a name? Ruby RayGun is something that my friend Charles once called the red laser.. (get it?).. hehe..



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