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Monday, 15 August 2005

Tales of the Samurai Episode 9

Hi all,

I finally finished the 9th Tales episode on the weekend, you can have a look at it here: http://www.talesofthesamurai.com/episode9.html

In other news, I (finally) went to a doctor about my ear. Turns out it was originally an infection, and that infection caused an irritation that has built up the weirdo growth I have now. Long story short, I need to go to a surgeon to see the cost of having it removed (read: slicey slicey). We're booked in to see one in October.. if it's too expensive, well, I might just put up with ol' lumpy.

It's a good lesson in common sense.. really, I should have gone to see a doc when I first realised the infection was still there. On the other hand, then I couldn't drop phrases like "Oh, that's the phone number of my plastic surgeon".


  1. Too bad about the lump, I really liked him and hoped you two would work it out. I just hope you can leave each other amicably, and not fight over the rest of your ear or anything.

  2. and all i can say is.. "ewwwwwww"..
    (due to infection and growth and yukkiness in general)

    hope it is okay.. and now i'm going to look at episode 9...

    heheh.. nice use of Monkee.. the start seemed a little fast though - certainly faster than the first ones.. as a watcher, i think i needed a little bit more time to register what was going on.. otherwise.. hehehe.. another fine episode! heheh..

    btw, have you checked out Strange Attractors?

    I like Buckethead (now who was that again?) Definitely have a lookee.


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