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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 21 August 2005

Cartoon header image

Hi all,

Well, a busy Sunday has resulted in a cartoon of each of you. Bear in mind, as you look at the picture, that, while your image may not resemble you in the slightest, neither does anyone else's.. so at least i'm consistent. And if you want something more recognisably you, I'm afraid you'll need to get some kind of facial tattoo or other clearly distinguishing mark.

So consider yourself forewarned. I've made a mockup of how i imagined this picture on the header here.. and if everyone is happy with it, you can link to just the picture itself with this url: http://www.talesofthesamurai.com/family/header.gif

It's all vector too (hooray) so i can make this image in pretty much any quality you'd like.. if you want to get it printed on a t-shirt, or maybe as a facial tattoo.



  1. I like it!

    In the "adhocratic" spirit of web-enabled collaboration, I'm going to go ahead and add the image to the page -- if there are any strong objections, we can take it down!

  2. Hmm.. looks a bit more speckly than it did on my pc. I might make a slightly higher quality version of this and put it up.

  3. That looks good! :D Definately adds warmth to the site :)

  4. Yay!! and i can tell who i am because even though i don't have a facial tatoo, i have purple hair.. heheh..

    fantastic stuff, damo!

    and thanx for putting it up, glenno!


  5. ooh, and i also find it funny that even though we're all about the same height in reality, in cartoon land you've made Glenn and yourself taller, and timmy even taller still.. heheh..

  6. Tim is some kind of giant, to be honest. I hope you're not trying to suggest you're as tall as he :)

  7. we also noticed that adam is shorter than glenn, dee and damien, but at least he is taller than the rest of us (timmy excluded obviously)

    love that adam is holding trinity too...you'll have to update it by the time christmas rolls around, it could be the family chrissy card - :)

  8. Aw come on guys. Given that you weren't here so i couldn't compare heights, I did the best I could from the photos from Nana's birthday. Somebody take a copy of the pic, draw horizontal lines for where you think the top of each person should be, get everyone to agree on the heights, email it to me, and i'll update the picture.
    I guess I should be thankful it's just height.. I was expecting more "That looks nothing like me" comments really..

    Oh, and I am taller than Adam. Only by about a cm, sure, but it's there ;)

  9. I've despeckled the gif, and while doing so evened out the heights somewhat. Tempting though it is to drop the subject there, once again i'll open the floor for comments.

  10. Lisa told me about the cartoon pic today. I seem to check Glennji more than this site.
    Well done Damien. I think it looks great.
    All well here. I've been checking on broadband charges and $39.95 seems the most reasonable for 512/128 25Gb download and shaping. Only problem is the ISP's are ones I've never heard of. I'll wait to see how Bendigo Telco goes for Adam.
    today i started tidying the files in the filing cabinet. by what went out, it must be tidier.
    Next time Nana visits, I'll let her catch up on the Blog.
    We visited Talbot on Sunday(a big market)Meredith Stewart's Mum asked us to say hi to Dayna and tell her Meredith is in WA doing her doctorate. Helen H had had a phone call from someone who knew Dayna at school and was looking for her. She gave them our number but we haven't had any calls.
    Many overseas- Amy O'Dal now married and living in England. Sally travelling. Lee Thomas in London and Kelly in Ireland, but coming home in October.
    The Thomas's were in Melbourne so we missed them and Val Peacock was in Avoca and Trevor was sick so we didn't go to Natte.
    Planning to go to Adelaide round 23rd September( for Damien's 25th.) Power to Dad's shed is still coming. He has light but not power yet.
    love to all

  11. Y' did well Damien but, c'n ya change that jumper? It finally wore out.
    Luv Dad.


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