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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


So its been a busy time of year for me, with Easter and National Youth Week and uni assignments. So over Easter I had the flu it turns out, I was meant to carry Ping, but was not well enough to do so on Easter Sunday :( but it did mean for a change I got to watch the parade and Jared perform with Choi. I've also joined the plum blossom dancing team so I will now be performing at events with the BCA. Last week was Youth Week, and I was at events, the main one really, which was a Zombie Walk, Jared and Maddi were zombies, and I was there reporting on the event which was really different because I haven't been filmed as a reporter before, but I thought I did a really good job :D Uni is the same as normal, lots of assignments all due at once and with only 7 weeks until mid year exams I'm starting to try and not get stressed like I normally do.

I've been in Bendigo Magazine and Bendigo Addy both for YO Bendigo and Youth Week, its cool that I'm one of the first picked for interviews now, and I'm hoping to start building a portfolio that I can send in to the ABC in September with a cadetship application for journalism.


  1. Hey Carolynn, that's great news! (The portfolio + plans, not the 'flu.) Definitely pursue it as much as you can, I say -- one of my friend-of-friends has been published in a newspaper a couple of times now, and wishes that he'd started earlier with journalism (he's an ubergeek ... like me! :-)). So anything you can do to get that start is brilliant!

  2. Saw the Zombie Walk video- you were great! :)

  3. defo get a portfolio started.. it's a really good idea!

    we'll keep our fingers crossed for you re: cadetship - sounds like it could be fantastic.


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