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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Church St chatter

Monday was Probus followed by lunch at the Schweppes Centre. Quick trip to Spotlight on the way home. Afternoon tea with Clive at a friend's place then dancing at Spring Gully.
Quiet day home Tuesday so I did some cleaning up in prep for visitors on Monday. No dancing since Clive has decided to be Secretary for the Spring gully hall committee since no one else would take it on and he had a meeting. Called in to Council and found I was due a discount on my rates and was entitled to it two years previously. I now have $311 credit on next years rates.
Wednesday was Day Club at the Bendigo Club. Different meals but a lot further to travel. We headed for Castlemaine for a dance lesson. I knew five and struggled with the rest. Walked through the same one we'd done last week. Maybe I'll get there eventually.
Thursday I went grocery shopping at IGA and met Mum. so she came back for a coffee.  Eaglehawk dance at night.Numbers are down there so we'd be missed if we skipped.
Did some op shopping on Friday and wore the top I bought to a dance at Trentham that night. Several compliments on my top.Good crowd and lots of fun. Very tired by the time I got home.(1.30am)  Not used to these late nights.
Saturday Lisa and the girls came to visit in the afternoon. They'd hardly left when Mum arrived for coffee.I went to Clive's for dinner then we went to Spring gully to dance.
Today there was another dance at Spring Gully. It was to raise funds for a five year old who needs a motorized wheelchair. $1500 raised.Really good crowd. I think that the afternoon dances are more popular than the evenings, especially as the weather gets cooler.
All my week so what has everyone else been doing?


  1. Mum reminded me Tuesday I had the kinder girls here for lunch (or I would have gone out with her and Lisa and the crew for lunch. )

  2. how did you manage to clean up on Tuesday for visitors on Monday. You didn't tell us you had a time machine! where do I get one?

  3. No, clean up Tuesday in preparation for the following Monday. I'm out and away so much I need to plan ahead.

  4. Still, if you've got access to a time machine do let us know.

  5. (You never know WHAT is at the back of those cupboards!!)


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