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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Church Street chatter

Thought I'd try this instead of the email.
Easter Monday was quiet here.Made a coffee cake. I danced at Spring Gully in the evening and needed a plate. Remainder of coffee cake was my plate for Kyneton on Tuesday. Clive and I walked around the Kennington Res on Tuesday morning to try to get fitter and lose weight. (Both aiming for that) Wednesday was Spinners. First meeting as Secretary this time. Wrote up the minutes that afternoon so I could untangle the many and varied discussions. Wondering why I took it on again.(because no one else would)
Wednesday evening we went to Castlemaine for more dance lessons.Quite a challenge. I only knew three of the dances. We walked through two and sat one out. The rest I followed as best I could ( varying degrees of success)
Thursday I had a quiet day home.The kitchen floor needed another wash. I don't know how it gets so dirty when I'm not home that often.  Made pastry roll ups and a zucchini slice. You guessed it. A plate needed for Eaglehawk. A fun night of dancing. Jared came so did the mowing and Lisa and the girls came here from the pool.
Friday was a Red Hat morning tea. April's activity is an op shop tour I'm organising so we're doing Eaglehawk. Mum got a lift and went to the break away group ( called the Mad Hatters) She called  to visit and fill me in in the afternoon. More activities for the diary. Friday evening we danced at Newstead. Got away on time so we got a good park and a good seat.
Saturday we were invited to Pete's birthday tea at Pratty's Patch. Meals were enormous. I did eat all of my Hawaiian parmiagana but couldn't face supper at the dance later on that evening.
Sunday daylight savings ended so clocks back. An extra hour of sleep was much appreciated. Afternoon tea dance at Redesdale. I skipped lunch so enjoyed the afternoon tea.Had a very light tea and am ready for bed.

Wonder what I've forgotten. I've started reading Damien's Game of Thrones book. Planted some peas, carrots and beetroot when we had a shower. I needed to water since but this afternoon there's been a shower here so hopefully they'll do better than the summer crops. Starting to plan the Tassie trip. Brenda has booked our cabin on the Spirit and we have the weekend at the Casino organised.

Thank you Lisa for the earrings and ring. They are great. Next week is Probus, visit from the kinder girls here, Day Club at it's new venue and many nights of dancing.

Look forward to all of your replies.

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  1. I took a drive today to get petrol before the car goes to the mechanic tomorrow. Carolynn and the little girls came along thinking we'd see if mum was home. Carolynn did a little bit of driving in the laser and went quite well, until we were going home and the car stalled at an intersection... and wouldn't start again! Another call to the RACV and Leigh came to the rescue - yep, same guy as helped us out the last 2 times. Thank you Nanna for the money towards Total Care LOL So it's looking like I'll be calling Col to come and jump start the car tomorrow and hopefully he'll be able to work out what's wrong. The alternator tested ok and the battery is a new one Col put in less than 2 weeks ago.

    Apart from that, last night (Saturday) we went out for tea with Damien, Cheryl and the kids. We went out to Dumpling House. Maddi joined Jared after a day of geo-caching. The food was great, as was the company. I think the beef in black bean was my favourite, it was more meat and less vegies than most of the places we've had it from. The pork buns are also great :)

    We have another week of school holidays then it's back into the running around routine. Kinder, school and work. Wednesday is a 3 hour induction workshop for St Luke's, on the bright side I get paid for it :)


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