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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 5 February 2007

Those cats were fast as lightning

(Photo added by Cheryl)

Hi all,

Big weekend for us. On Saturday we went and saw "Shaolin Warriors: Legendary Masters of Kung-Fu" which was an amazing show. As well as various styles of kung fu, they also do tricks like lifting someone up with spears on their bare torso, cutting veges on their stomach.. one had a guy lay on 3 swords (blades up, obviously) with a two sided bed of nails laid on him with another guy on that and then a big block of something very heavy on that guy. Then another guy took a giant mallet and smashed the top block.

It was a little bit crazy ;) We bought a program, so i'll bring it up next time we come to Bendigo and you can see the photos. And at Christmas I trust Glenn will do all the tricks we saw.

On Sunday we spent the morning looking at beds, and finally bought on in early afternoon. The bed part was about $500, it's a great solid wooden base, and then we bought a mattress for $650 which was $100 off. After sleeping on that dodgy third hand mattress with holes and springs sticking out it's so nice to have a proper bed :) We were going to try to wait until we moved and then buy a new one, but we couldn't put it off any longer. Cheryl took a photo with her phone, so maybe she can post it or something.

And Sunday night we headed over to a friend's place to watch an incredibly disappointing game of football (Melbourne beat Adelaide with a goal in the last minute of overtime) and play some games on the wii. Man the wii is awesome.. I'm doing a contract job right now, and when i finish it that's where the money is going to go :)

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  1. You have great weekends. Dad bowled on Saturday in 38o and I went to Denise's for an underwear party.Yesterday I defrosted the freezer and Lisa and the children came over in the afternoon. Carolynn is going to learn the clarinet this year. She has borrowed Dayna'so now she needs to practise. Only one puppy not sold. Much quieter at their house.
    Renovations at a standstill. Dad is checking prices before he orders from Gas and Cool. He'll do the job himself(and save $500)Weather should be cooler tomorrow and I'm home so we might make some progress.Load of washing is the first job (while we still have water to wash with.)
    The new bed sounds good.Did they take away the old one?
    Love to all.


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