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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 19 February 2007

All's Quiet

Well, everyone has been a bit quiet, so I thought I'd better post something new. Trinity is 18 months (ok, nearly 19 months) now, and I finally took her in for her immunisation last Friday - the last until she is 4. I also took her to the MCHN a couple of weeks ago now, she is taller but hasn't put on much weight, so our chubby bubby looks stretched LOL. I think she is teething too, she has one tooth that hasn't cut that I've noticed is a bit sore looking, so today I have a little shadow... her wanting cuddles all day doesn't give me much time to clean up, but I can cuddle and type!
Let's see, Jared is still doing Lion Training, he went back last week after missing the first one. On Saturday they had a thing at the museum with the 4 new lions and a new dragon that both guys and girls can carry at the same time. They will be out again next weekend for a big Chinese New Year celebration in Bull St. There was a team photo in the Weekly - Mum, Dad, did you see it?
Carolynn has started learning the clarinet at school. Her teacher recommended a swab? cleaner, so we have bought one of those, and we may end up getting a stick of cork wax because she also said it was better than getting wax all over your fingers before you play. Dayna, thank you so much for letting Carolynn use your clarinet!! She needs to practise more though, I think she has practised once this last week, and then it wasn't for very long.
Well, Trinity is asleep, so I better make the most of my time. Hope everyone is well.


  1. Hey, we posted Jared's birthday present today, so he should have it in the next few days.. early, but that's better than being late :) I hope he likes it. Let me know when it arrives.

  2. It got here today, Thursday :)
    Thanks, he can let you know what he thinks when he opens it after school.

  3. *baited breath*

    Also, you should take a photo of him with the top on, then i'll take a photo of myself with my top on too. We are fashion champions! Go United!

  4. Jared wore it to school on Friday, and his teacher said "wasn't that the team that came to Melbourne and lost, then kicked up a stink about it."
    lol, she is more up on the game than me :)

  5. Stupid teacher! Jared should have said "You mean the team that won the premiership last year, is at the Asian Champion's League two years running, and came second this year?"

    I hope she hasn't put him off wearing it >:(

  6. put Jared off wearing a shirt from his beloved uncle, no way!! I don't think he really cared.


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