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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Barossa weekend

Hey all,

Cheryl and I are just back from a weekend(ish - Friday Saturday) at the Barossa. We weren't going there to drink wine (although we did drink some wine).. instead we just wanted to relax in nice surroundings with good food and drink. For that the Barossa is superb. On Friday we drove to Tanunda, and then from there around the western area. We stopped at Richmond Grove to get some tiny bottles of wine (I'm a fan of Richmond Grove) and also visited Maggie Beer's where we picked up the nicest non-alcoholic wine i've ever tasted or smelled. It's called "Desert Pearls" and if you see a bottle grab it, chill it, and enjoy :) Then we headed back to Tanunda to our cottage (goatsquarecottages.com.au).

Saturday we started by picking some plums from the tree outside our cottage. They're Satsuma plums, just like we used to have in Talbot. I picked about half a kilo, and we went to a farmer's market where I bought another half kilo, as well as some jam and honey and strawberries. From there we headed out to a lookout where they also have marble sculptures, then back to Tanunda for lunch (bratwurst!) and to Kaiser Stuhl Conservation Park to go on a 45 minute bushwalk. We had briefly considered the 3 and a half hour walk, but then we discovered a sign saying bridges were out and that walk was closed.. but it wasn't closed at the start of it, only at the end (where we saw it).. so we probably would have walked 3 hours and then had to turn around and go back.

From there we took a long way home via a few more small towns to see what they were like. They're small.

The trip was great. It's only about 40 minutes from our house to the Barossa, and once you're there the three main towns are only about 10 or 15 minutes away from each other.. with plenty of wineries in between. The only problem we had was bad signage - we kept missing turn offs, and then had to drive for quite a while to find a place to turn around. But i do strongly recommend it to anyone whether they want wine or just a short break. I'm uploading photos on flickr as we speak, so make sure you go check them out :) And I also recommend goat square cottages.. they're very small, but not annoyingly so.. and you get breakfast provisions. I don't know if i can go back to normal bread now i've cut my own thick little slabs for toast ;)

Anyway, that's quite the post. I'm sure Cheryl can add anything I forgot.. I'm off to eat some plums ;)


  1. Sounds a great weekend. We continued with house renovations. Tuesday we ordered a skylight for the store room since Dad has taken out the window and replaced it with shelves.(at my request)
    The Gas and cool people will give us a quote for extending the ducted cooling ito the back area via the storeroom. Meant Dad needed to cut into fibro-not easy and very messy. He'll also need to build a box around the ducting where it goes through the storeroom. a weekend away would have been more relaxing.
    Today I went back to work. I'll only work three days a week at least until easter, but some of the four year old group I'm with will be hard work. Friday I'll find out how it goes with three year olds.
    Dad went back to enhance IT today so I'm home alone making the most of a turn on the computer. Really with two computers in here, we can both play.

  2. mmmmm plums...
    A weekend away would be nice! Glad you enjoyed it.
    We haven't seen the progress since the weekend, I expect dad has almost finished lol ;)


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