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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 23 February 2007

Manchester checking in!

Hi everyone.. sorry i've not been very active on the Bandwagon - I've not got internet at home yet. *pout* I ordered it with one company, but the modem they supplied didn't work with my computer, so I cancelled (within the cool-off period so no penalty). Unfortunately they'd already hooked up the broadband to the phone line (I didn't really know it didn't work until after that had happened) so it then took another week or so for them to get it OFF the line so I could sign up with someone else. *phew* But good news is that apparently i've got internet at home now.. i just don't have a modem yet (clever people at AOL activate your internet and THEN send you the modem - duh!)

Anyway, I'm finally settling in at work (went to a party on wednesday night and got another one to go to tomorrow night). My cold seems to mostly be gone now (about time!). I've not been walking as much as I want, but I'm going to join the Aquatic Centre this weekend - they've got a gym, aerobics classes, swimming pools and a sauna - so then i'll be able to make some better progress with my fitness.

It sounds like Dad's going to be pretty fit by the end of the renovations! And I'm impressed with Mum's efforts too - especially given the heat. Damien and Cheryl - thankyou for keeping up with the Bandwagon - and fitting it in with your fitness stuff. Your question about beating the heat.. well, it's certainly NOT hot here! Lately it's been about 7 or 8 degrees during the day (mild really).. a week or two ago it was around 1 degree! The spring flowers are a bit confused and are sprouting already, but I'm sure there will be another cold patch (or two). So I don't really have any suggestions for beating the heat.. I think my suggestions are just like what you said - shopping centres, swimming pools, movies, museums (they're usually air conditioned too).

Now my post is really long, I think I'd better stop. I'm also hungry and it's 6pm Friday night and I'm still at work! Definitely time to go! :)

*hugz* to all!


  1. Dayna I just wrote some comments, but then when I tried to publish it said i'd left something out.Grrr

    Nana and Dad watched the DVD. if this works next comment I'll explain what I'd put in the last one.

    Glad to hear you've settled in well now.

  2. This time it worked.
    When Dad and I watched the cows, it played up. When Nana watched it it was fine. I found a section where Dee says" crust is for Glenn" by moving to the next section while watching cows. When we watched all through, that comment wasn't there. Mysteries of technology.
    Dad has been helping to put together computers at Enhance and finds that's fun. They have a backlog of orders to fill including Auntie Michele. When she heard she could get a computer for $75, she said Graham wouldn't complain about that. (as opposed to $1000)
    Today Nana and I are going to the doll's show and Dad is bowling.
    My exercise sounds good but the weight is still going in the wrong direction. Could it be the glass of wine and the pastie we had for tea?


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