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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 16 March 2006

not quite as fun as the Adelaide festival..

just thought i'd share my Tassie pictures.. I was in Launceston for three days last week.. mostly for work.. but i also got to check out Cataract Gorge (see the picture on the left).

I've got a few more photos on Flickr.. in a Tassie set (had to delete another set to make it.. that's what you get for having a free account) *grin*

i bought a tv cabinet today.. it's one that i can shut the tv in (so i don't have to be a tv addict..). i'm going to paint (or get damien to paint) the doors to reflect damien's angel murals.. ...so, damien and cheryl.. when are you coming to canberra for a visit? *grin*

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  1. This time I could see the St Pats page. Well done! The post I put on when it wouldn't let me see the header says it can't be found. No loss.
    I'll try to send some photos. How do I make them not too big?
    Yesterday we went to the Dahlia and Arts procession to see Carolynn and her eagle. We do have a photo. The tiling has now been done in the kitchen but I don't have photos of that yet, I do have the kitchen with new benchtops and the sample for the vinyl is on the floor. All well. Great weather although we need rain now.Love from Mum


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