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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Monday, 6 March 2006

Back on line

Hi all. I'm just catching up on the bloggers. Love the haircut Damien.
Adam has our computer running Windows XP now. Many thanks to him. I downloaded the 48 emails via the Post Office at TPG so I could delete before moving to inbox. Now you all need to send me an email so I can put you back on my contacts list. I'm still trying to get the printer to work. I'll check with Lisa tomorrow.
Kitchen reno progresses. The vinyl we wanted was discontinued and out of stock so we chose again. This time it's on it's way ----to Australia, by the end of the month. We've also ordered tiles we're waiting on and tonight new blinds. Tomorrow the electrician's will be back to finish rewiring and install the lights over where the stove will be once the vinyl is down.
I've been offered a job at the local primary school four hours a week. ( two hours Monday and two on Friday)
Dad has been loading the trailer today. Out with a stove, sink, clothes line old tiles and lots of rubbish. It will be well worth the trip to the tip by the end of the week.
love to all.


  1. Welcome back to the internet!

    Cheryl and I have booked our Easter flights, we're flying to Melbourne on Thursday 13th April (arriving around 11:45am) and then our flight home is Tuesday 18th at 5:45pm. We would probably appreciate a bed for a few nights.

    And Darryl and Alicia's baby is due on Good Friday, so we might have managed to time this whole thing rather perfectly :)

  2. Hey hey, your computer is back, good to hear! Well done Ads.

    I hope you're taking lots of photos of the kitchen and whatnot -- we miss out otherwise. Same goes for everyone actually (Dayna's doing a great job with her Flickr photosteam). Photos, people!

    I dusted off our camera on Friday, because it snowed again. I'll post some pics now I think.

  3. unfortunately, without a paid Flickr account, you can only have 3 "groups" and 200 photos.. so i'm having to delete some now..


    still.. getting there. ;)


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