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Saturday, 4 March 2006

give me some advice, tech-heads.. ;)

i'm thinking about buying a new mp3 player (yes, i know i've just paid off my credit card and i don't want to go back into debt.. however, if i know what i'm saving for, i'm sure i can manage. *grin*).

anmyway.. i'm really not sure what i should be looking for. my little old one is a 256 kB (expandable by SD card - but my 256 kB card died a week or so ago). i found the 512 kB was not quite enough space (especially since my SD card was frequently stupid and wouldn't play tracks that were supposedly there..). i have between 2 - 3 GB music.. so i'm thinking of either a tiny 1 GB one (like the iRiver T20) or a slightly larger 4 - 8 GB one (i saw the Sony "Aura" NW-A1000 today). However, looking at the reviews for the Sony, the computer interface is not good. This is something else that annoys me about my current player - the interface is dodgy and doesn't always work - in fact, it frequently has 'issues'.

so, basically i want:
  • something that is at least 1 GB
  • something convenient (that i can easily carry around)
  • a good interface (or just a 'copy files across')
  • good battery life (or takes AAAs since i've got quite a few rechargables - for my old one)
  • preferrably something that can play WMA (since that's what all my music is currently saved as)
  • preferrably something with a voice record (cos my current one has it - but it's being dodgy right now too..)




  1. adam says - an ipod shuffle or ipod nano depending on the size. both good battery life (you plug it into the computer to recharge) he has a shuffle and says it's the best mp3 player he has ever had...

  2. I would think about the Nano too. They come between 1 and 4Gb or something, and the interface is quite cool. On the other hand, they don't record unless you buy an extra device and/or install podzilla-linux onto it (probably not for the faint-hearted).

    The iRiver brand has a good name, far as I've heard, and the H10 is a 5GB colour-screen player with record-to-MP3 and MP3 and WMA playback. Looking at Amazon, it's about the same price as a 4Gb Nano as well.

    For a geek like me, the fact that it has a removable/replaceable battery is good - batteries always wear out first - and the fact that iRiver are publishing firmware updates is even better, since it means your player can be upgraded to play new formats or add new features. And they're Linux-friendly.

  3. hmm.. so how big is the iRiver one?

    do you reckon it's better to get a larger physical size, larger drive size or a tiny one?

  4. I'm not sure what the physical size of the iRiver is, but it's hard-drive based so probably the size of an iPod Video, rather than an iPod Nano. And I thought it was 5Gb, but there seems to be a 6Gb version as well.

    For me, it would be a tradeoff of small physical size, good interface and large capacity.

    (Oh, and the H10 isn't as Linux-friendly as I thought. iRiver did a deal with Microsoft, and so to use it with Linux you first have to switch it from "Microsoft Storage" to regular, standard, loved the world over, "USB Mass-storage Device". Why, iRiver, why?)


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