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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 5 March 2006

More festival stuff

Damien and I have had another weekend of arts festival fun :) Friday after work we went to a Adelaide United football club BBQ (not exactly part of the Fringe) but it was for supporters and players, so it was cool. We were there with Oli (who works with Damien) and Oli's wife, Bron. Oli is a huge United fan and he spent a lot of time on the field kicking around a ball with some kids :) After that we all went to a pub over the road for 'Best of the Edinburgh Fest'. We saw 3 standup comics and they were all really good!

Last night we met up with Oli and Bron again at the banks of the Torrens river to watch "The Dancing Sky". Basically it was an open-air theatre, with classical music, ballet dancers suspended from cables above the river, a lot moving lights and best of all Giant helium balloons painted in a baroque-style with more dancers suspended underneath. It was very very cool!! One balloon was being held down by three guys on the ground and they ran through the crowd with it, lowering it occassionally so that the dancer was so very close to the audience (she even touched hands with some people). We tried taking some photos with my phone, but they didn't really work out :) This is an article about the show on the festival site http://www.adelaidefestival.com.au/program/cielodanza.aspx

And finally, today were in the mall and had our photo taken at a booth, which was then displayed on a giant screen! There's also screens in NY, Beijing, Seoul and somewhere in Austria, and all of the screens display the same photos simultaneously :)


  1. Look at that man, awed by our Trogdor-esque majesty.

  2. you ARE quite big.. and awe-inspiring.. ;)

    sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  3. :)
    everyone is out getting cool photos
    i feel left out :(
    ah well...trinity has a tooth...and a second one is nearly here too.

  4. The photo is really great. Is that Harry Potter?

  5. I wanted to make a Trogdor joke about burnination, but then Mum and Dad stole the show with their Harry Potter joke!

    I giggle.

  6. That big screen thing is cool. How long will it be in Adelaide for? If it's a long term thing, maybe we can get on it some time this year!

  7. The screen's only up until March 19 (when the festival ends). We saw another couple admiring themselves on the big screen yesterday... they took a photo too :)


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