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Saturday, 28 January 2006

Trinity Update

Trinity is rolling over!! She had trouble with one arm getting stuck underneath her body, but she has worked that out and can now roll onto her tummy! Rolling back is the next problem, she tends to cry when she is sick of being on her tummy. Sometimes she just lays on her side and pulls peek-a-blocks over to put in her mouth. She is also very good at blowing raspberries, and yesterday did alot of 'talking'. She is doing that now as I am typing. She is getting better at sitting up, still needs support but can move herself. She is sitting on my knee leaning on my arm and my body and looking around. It is very cute when she looks up to look at my face!! She also leans forward away from me, then back, but it worries me and I keep moving to grab her. She is almost 6 months old now...no teeth yet! but everything goes to her mouth. We are keeping pacifiers in the fridge She also loves feeling the texture of different things by making a grabbing motion with her fingers, this includes skin so I have to keep cutting her nails, I have a few little scratches ;)
I guess the last thing is about this heat...Trinity really hates it, she gets grumpy and won't sleep (she hates sleeping anyway, but the hot weather has made this worse) But she loves swimming, she loves the water, and she doesn't complain that it is cold going in (I try to ease her into the water, if she goes in too fast she does complain) Once she is cooled off she often just goes off to sleep much quicker, so at home I give her a coolish bath to help settle her, but it doesn't seem to be the same. Anyway, this is a long post, I will find photos for next time.

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  1. Oh how cute! :D I'm looking forward to seeing photos :)


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