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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 20 January 2006

Do You Have A Male or Female Brain?

Fiona sent me this site, we were talking about Aspergers and autism...

I have a female brain, surprise, surprise...I scored an "average" score of 47 in the empathising test, and a "lower than average" 19 in the systemising test. :P Actually, that surprised me...any way, the article describes the differences between Jared and Carolynn :)


  1. well, the empathising test isn't working for me.. but i got 33 on the systematic one.. if a male brain gets an average of 30, what does that mean about me? heheh.. o well.. and i can't see the balance with the empathy just yet.. hopefully it's up again soon.

    i'm off to coffs harbour tomorrow. yay! for a holiday!!

    hope everyone else enjoys Australia Day and doesn't melt!

  2. i just got the empathising one to work, and i got 51 for that.. (average for women 47).. looks like i'm just above average for everything.. does that mean i try to put things into categories too much and get emotional when i can't??


  3. didn't you get the graph?? it sounds like you'd have a balanced brain!!
    hope coffs harbour is good!!
    see you on msn ;)

  4. Finally got the tests to work for me. I scored 34 for empathy and 19 for systematic. I think that's because I picked slightly agree or disagree rather than being definite. Probably means I'm indecisive. I did't get a graph either.


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