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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Thursday, 26 January 2006

Happy Australia Day

I hope you're all enjoying the day off!


  1. we enjoyed it :)
    we spent most of the day at home, went to mum and dad's to pick up an air bed...had a swim, since we were there ;)
    carolynn got picked up a bit after 4pm, and i ended up taking jared and trinity out to brennan park pool to meet fiona, rachel and lizzie. we came home at 7pm and had home-made chicken burgers for tea :)

  2. Hey! I don't get a day off!

    I didn't even remember. A work colleague came in and said, "Happy Australia Day" and I went, "Really?"

    Now all I need is a barbie, some cold beer and some sunshine ... perhaps you could send a care package?

  3. We spent most of the day at home out of the 40 degree heat playing Killer Bunnies (Cheryl won, and with only four carrots!). Then in the evening we headed out for food and a film. Good times.

    And I'd happily send you a care package.. if i could take 15 degrees off our temperature and send it to Scotland, I certainly would :)

  4. Here,here Damien.
    We continue with the kitchen despite nearly melting with the humidity. Yesterday Dad kept the refrigerated air con on so the kitchen /lounge was much better than anywhere else. The water in the pool doesn't warm up as much as I'd expected but it's a quick way to cool off several degrees. Nana called here about 4pm on Australia Day. I had a roast in an oven bag so she stayed for tea. Dad watched the cricket after he finished working. We'll send photos eventually.I've thought about you Glenn and Danielle when we wake at 7am and it's hot. One of these mornings I'll phone. Hope you're both well and not too cold. I can't remember cold at the moment.


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