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Friday, 14 October 2005

who'd be a manager?

Hi all,

Sorry I've been quiet for a while.. let me briefly explain it (i need to get to work soon)..

In the last 2 - 3 weeks, I've had to deal with a presenter going AWOL (there was a messy break-up within the team, and one of them decided to go home to Hobart without telling anyone.. it nearly got to the point where we got PS&D (Personnel) to contact next of kin!), same presenter now has a doctor's certificate of some kind that says they can't tour (and that's what they signed a contract to say they would do!), so we had to find someone else to take their place. Tour leaves at the end of next week, so we shuffled around the pairs (to the disappointment of some team members, and fair enough - they'd planned, written and rehearsed a show already), were looking for mish-mash solutions, and somehow managed to find a Q employee who is willing and able (and keen) to work for us for a month. *phew* So that was quite a while of not knowing what was going on..

We start interviews today - we're recruiting for the Presenter positions and all current employees have to reapply for their jobs. Some I'd like to keep, but some I DO NOT want back. i just hope the public service system allows us to not re-hire them (they wrote good applications.. so i'm a bit nervous about how they'll do today.. don't do well, don't do well..).

On top of all of this, we were having issues with IT Services.. they wanted to have all of the responsibility for our touring laptops, which left us with a non-acceptable level of risk (ie, if something went wrong on the road, we would have had to cancel shows and bring people home). we've now got an acceptable solution (if temporary).. but as long as this tour goes well, we can deal with the long term when we don't have people on the road!

so, in a nutshell - that's been my last couple of weeks. now i really need to get my skates on and get to work - interviews start at 9am sharp, and i'd like to have a little bit of time to prepare beforehand.


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