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Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 22 October 2005

Baldy update

dscf4378-rotated-scaled.jpgQuick update on where I am now. Not much has changed -- I'm still waiting to hear whether I can start early at the Royal Bank of Scotland, but not expecting to. Today I received an email from Swinburne about my course, complete with application for graduation which I printed out from the local internet café. I just send it in and voilá! I graduate with a Bachelor of Multimedia!

Danielle shaved my head for me on Wednesday, which was nice. I was starting to look like a shaggy dog (in parts -- the other parts look like a considerably less shaggy skull-like dog, some kind of greyhound I guess). My head is a bit spotty, irritated by the event, but I did it again this morning and I've been looking after it, so I'm hoping my skin will clear up in time. (You can't really see it so much in this photo, but there's plenty of spotty spots for everyone!)

Otherwise all is well. I had my first "full" gong fu class yesterday, and I'm tired and sore today because of it. It is definitely fun, however, and something I'm going to continue with -- I should be a black belt in, oh, three weeks or so (look out, Chow Yun Fat!) Of course, they don't use belts at gong fu, so it will just be to hold my pants up, but I can still say I have a black belt in, er, Marks and Spencer? Yeah, that's hardcore!!

I've downloaded the photos from koffeekat.com, and will send if anyone wants them. I'm avoiding uploading them all to Flickr, since Lis said she didn't want them available to the general public, but I can send around as needed (even if you want the scaled versions -- I've written a Nautilus script (for Linux) so I can just right-click, then select "Scale" ... or "Rotate 90°", or whatever I want to do -- ahh, I love Linux!). Anyway, lemme know.

The weather is slowly getting colder here. It rained for some of today, but it's nothing extraordinary in my opinion -- just like a Victorian winter's day. Maybe if it snows (I still hope!!) it will seem a bit different, but for now I'm just happy to have some cooler nights.


  1. Yup, it was me. (tee hee!)

  2. Heh, I didn't notice until Cheryl pointed it out to me. I'll clean it up when I do a Christmas version. However my facial hair is gone again.. huzzah!


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