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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Sunday, 16 October 2005

Thanks everybody!

Thanks everyone for my birthday well wishes!! I had a really good birthday, actually, getting out of the house (for Danielle's interview) and then looking around a factory outlet warehouse place for most of the day -- window shopping only, of course, but still -- and finishing the night with a DVD, a bottle of wine and my beloved. (Hmm, might've been two bottles -- as Damien said, I was very tired the next day!)

It would be cool to see Damien doing his swordy swordy thing wouldn't it!? The closeup of the bamboo shows how sharp the sword is, indeed -- very, very cool. I know who to send now, should I get into any trouble with the Yakuza: Damiensan, the "Lone Wolf"!!

So you maybe all know we're still waiting and waiting for work. Danielle had an interview on Friday, as I say, but we've given up trying to guess a) how it went, and b) how long before we hear anything. My work is slowly coming to fruition -- I have an employee number now (I'm a number, not a person) and the application for a bank account (I'm going to get a Gold account! Lucky yuppy me!), but still no word on a start date earlier than the 8th of November. A shame, because I just want to get in there already!

If Danielle gets the job she had an interview for then I will be doing a lot more of the cooking, too -- I'll be 10 minutes walk from home, and she'll be an hour on the bus. I'd love the opportunity to get some practise!! Might have to get Jamie Oliver's cook book or something however. And some sharp knives, of course. Boys love knives. (Exhibit A: Damien and sword.)

I can't remember if I sent this link to everyone or just Mum and Dad -- here are some photos from their South Australia trip. Oh, and speaking of photos, where are your now Lisa? They disappeared for a while, and whilst they might be back I don't remember the URI, so post it here!

Thanks to Dayna for the members-only comments posting, a very good idea. Oh, and I've made the comments into "peek-a-boo comments" with a little Javascript, so you can click to read without going to another page. Click! Click!

What else? Naught to do but wait.


  1. Hey, the new scripty comments are cool!

    Also, there was someone videoing the cutting, so i might see if i can get a copy of it. It probably wont have me on it, but you can see what some of the other people were doing.

  2. this IS cool! my photos are still at koffeekat.com, and hopefully soon adam will set it up so you'll need a password to view them, just for security, i'm not sure i'm comfortable putting up baby photos anyone can access.

  3. Glad you had a good birthday Glenn. It was good to talk to you.Weather here is getting warmer. Denise and I are now swimming on Friday mornings. (heated pool of course)


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