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Friday, 7 October 2005

Half way to fitness

Hi all,

Yet another 6 week challenge update. We're about half way through. Last week I didn't actually get all the walks in (I think I missed two) but I'm making up for it this week by walking more than required. I'm at the 50 minute walk stage, which is two big loops after work for me (previously I'd just do one). Cheryl's doing 30 minute walks.

How is everybody else doing? Are you sticking to it? Noticed any differences in your level of fitness? One thing I've noticed is that the walk home from Iaido, which previously took 45 - 50 minutes, now takes about 35. Which is kind of annoying really, because that means when i get home I still have another 15 minutes walking to do.


  1. Yep, my walks are going good. I've missed two walks as well, which I haven't made up for yet. I'm feeling fitter and I when I do miss a walk my body craves some exercise, so that must be a good sign!

    The other weekend Damien and I took the frisbee down to the park and threw it around for about 50 minutes so we could both fill in our 'fun' for that week... and it -was- fun! :)

  2. Message (via email) from Mum and Dad:

    Dear all,
    Since we don't have broadband yet, I'll use email to fill in our response to the challenge so far.
    week 1started 16/9
    We managed four of the five walks, including two on the evening we got to Victor Harbour.
    Les had a week of sanding and painting that covered his fun and yard work requirements.
    I had hired the wool carder for the month so my fun/yard work was to get about 1kg of wool carded.
    week 2 23/9
    We did two big walks including up hills at the Bluff at Victor Harbour and around Granite Island.
    At Damien and Cheryl's we walked to and from the Organic Food festival, around Hahndorf on the Sunday and we walked to visit on the Monday night.That made five so we caught up on the previous week on walking.( or maybe just counteracted the tasting on the winery tour on Monday.) We also walked up the street on Tuesday so I hope that gave us a credit on the walks.
    More sanding and painting for Les for the fun/ yard work.
    I had the carder until Wednesday and still had plenty of wool to card so I did another 1 kilo by Tuesday.
    week 3 30/9
    The walking has suffered. I did walk up and down stairs at school so that should count for one.We also walked to the library and back via the supermarket so added strength training to our walk.
    We went to the dance on Thursday so our fun score was well covered with 3 and a half hours of dancing including the Sally Ann Cha Cha which is a work out on it's own.
    Les mowed here then at Mum's so he covered the yard work 30 minutes easily.
    I vaccumed and washed the floor in the kitchen so that should cover my yard work.
    week 4 7/10
    I did walk to the supermarket and home on Monday. On Tuesday Denise, Nana and I had a girl's day out and we walked!The fun part was the trying on.
    Les has continued with the sanding and painting. He trimmed the hedge at our place on Monday and at Nana's on Wednesday. Denise and I had a working bee in Nana's garden on Wednesday so we weeded for about four hours. Peter joined us after lunch and he moved many barrow loads of soil from the rose garden. We found concrete edging around the roses. It looks very tidy now. In a fortnight we'll have another go to weed further. I still have a day at school tomorrow which will mean several trips up and down the stairs. I'm sure that should equal 5 X 30 minute moderate walks.

    Denise and I plan to go to the pool on Friday morning and get back to our walk around the lake on Tuesday afternoon. We hope next Tuesday to start dance lessons so our fun part will be well taken care of.
    More on weeks five and six later.
    Glenn where did you put the photos from our SA holiday?
    Love from Mum and Dad


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