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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Friday, 20 May 2016

Church St Chatter

Hi to Dayna and Bruce. How are things going? I think about you often but don't catch up on line very much. I hope you are feeling OK Dayna. Probably getting to the feeling enormous stage. Enjoy. Baby is where you know and is happy. No broken nights sleep yet so make the most of the chance to sleep.
Good work Damien and Cheryl for organising Trinity and Daria's birthday gift from the family. I'm sure they will benefit from the lessons. All Oz kids need to know how to swim.
Night without dancing tonight. Unusual for a Friday. Home alone to watch TV and do some felt flower making.
This morning Clive borrowed my mower to do Nana's lawns and drive, The rain and warm weather means plenty of growth. We called at the op shop to drop off some more from the caravan then got fish and chips for lunch  to share with Nana. I'm sure she enjoyed the company.He has taken the mower to do his place now. Nana's is at Denise's for Pete to check out.
Yesterday Denise and I went to three op shops and the Marketplace. She is making the most of being able to drive again after seven weeks. Doing well and the surgeon said it will take three months for the swelling to go down in the leg. Denise and Pete have bought a caravan so looking for melamine dinnerware (light) and curtains to separate the bed from the lounge.
I phoned Arnold earlier in the week. He said Elaine appeared to have recovered from the brain trauma. They were keeping her in hospital for observation while continuing the radiation of the brain to try to stop the tumours.Hope it has continued OK and that no news is good news.
Love to all. Haven't booked the flight to Sydney as yet as the cheap fares had gone. Maybe they'll come back?? Planning July 27th to August 2nd and will book next month regardless,

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