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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Cardiff Capers

Firstly, a bumpdate (taken just now).
This week I've had the joy of swollen ankles at the end of the day (where did my ankle bones go?! 😱). Bump is getting biggest and heavier - I sound like an bear when I roll over in bed or get up off the couch.. and there's still two months to go!

Work is still busy - I worked the last two weekends. The first was a conference in Fareham (3 hour drive). The conference was at a spa hotel and I made the most of it. :-)  I arrived on the Friday evening, just in time for dinner and drinks (non-alcoholic ones for me). Saturday morning we were all woken abruptly by the fire alarm - imagine a constant loud blaring at about 6:45am! Not a good way to wake up. But since I was up so early, I went for a swim (ooh, weightless bump!) and booked in for a massage. Got to make the most of the venue! ;-) After my massage, I set up and delivered my two workshops and, after packing up, that was my official work done. Although I did go to some of the conference talks because they sounded interesting (and were). Saturday evening was the fancy-dress disco - the theme was The Letter T. Can you guess what I went as? (note: that's non-alcoholic champagne, Mum, and a roll of cardboard as my 'ciggy').

The conference finished on Sunday - I spent the first session getting a pedicure (I struggle to reach my toes now.. and if I look straight down, I can't even see them!), and listened to a couple of talks before driving back to Cardiff. *phew*

Last weekend I headed up to Newcastle for another conference (flew there in an hour, got the train back and it took about 5 hours!). This was the RSC Outreach conference and all I had to do was take part and to help facilitate a table discussion or two. Easy. The conference dinner was in the Centre for Life (a science centre) and we got to play with the exhibits. Good fun! 
Centre for Life, Newcastle
Playing with perspective
Music creator
I also managed to find some time before the conference for a look around Newcastle - the Castle Keep was interesting and had some great views from the top (loads of stairs tho! And I didn't even have my fitbit!).
Views from the top of the Castle Keep

I'm glad that it's finally the weekend and I don't have to work! And it's a long weekend at that. Yay! We might go to the movies sometime but otherwise I'm enjoying not having to do anything! 

Lisa, you and your family haven't guessed bub's birth date etc. Neither have you Damien - have a go (there'll be a prize.. of some sort):   http://bit.ly/mini-family  

Hopefully we'll catch up with you all online soon.

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