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The Family Bandwagon

Our family is spread out across the country and across the world, and what better way to keep in touch than a collaborative digital journal?

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Church St Chatter

Sorry I missed a chat. I do check on Sunday evenings to see if anyone is about.
After not dancing for four nights, we're back into it again. Clive went to Swan Hill on Monday to collect his sister and bring her to Bendigo for a medical appointment. She planned to return on the bus but VLine staff gave her the wrong place to catch the bus so Clive drove her home on Tuesday and returned on Wednesday. He had races on Friday so has been busy. I decided not to go the the dance on Monday by myself. Made some more felt flowers instead.
As I mentioned, I was called in for jury duty on Wednesday , selected and sat through a trial from Thursday to Monday. Now exempt for three years.
When I hear all of the crimes about, I had it lucky. We all agreed he was not guilty and had decided that on Thursday. No idea how this one got past the commital stage.
Tuesday I took Denise into St John of God to start her gym. Unfortunately the pool was broken so no hydro. I met Val Loomes for lunch and a chat at the Beechworth bakery, then dropped her off at the Marilyn Monroe exhibition before returning to collect Denise and take her to collect scripts, visit Mum( who decided she'd rather join us than War Widows) to Eaglehawk to get the script filled (and checked the op shop while we waited). Back to Denise's for a coffee then took Mum home where Jared was waiting and C,J & girls arrived soon after.
Denise has physio on Tuesday and Friday. Pete can do the taxi on Friday. Once Denise is allowed to drive she'll take herself.
Spinners on Wednesday. We made a fibre sandwich. I'd heard of them and knew the basic principles, but had never done one. A couple of people obviously had no idea what Ocean theme for colours meant so I pulled a bit out of my share. I've now spun it up and plied some with a pale green.Need to spin more of the green so I can finish it.Photos on FB on the Bendigo Spinners Weavers and Handcraft Group page.
Also been dyeing some mohair and silk so I need to get knitting.
Thursday I worked in the garden Front is much tidier now. Friday was Mad Hatters. we then went to a coffee shop for lunch since we're not impressed with the food at the Pub we meet at.( We do have a good room for the meeting there and we pay $5 a head for the room, coffee and biscuits so the Pub doesn't miss out.)
Tomorrow family is coming for lunch so I'm busy cooking a pav, zucchini slice and quiche. Look forward to catching up with the Bendigo contingent.

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