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Friday, 12 June 2015

Videos to go

When I mentioned getting rid of videos in my decluttering, Dayna asked me to list what was here. Many came from Linda when they disposed of their video player.
Here's the list
The Emporer's New Groove, Star wars 1,2 and 5, Labrinth, Cats and Dogs, Mists of Avalon, Finding Nemo, Lady and the tramp, Swan Princess, Robin Hood, The Princess Bride, Mouose Hunt, Lion King, Chicken Run, El Dorado, secret of Numh, Beauty and the Beast, The Dark Crystal, Shrek, Tarzan, Jurassic Park, Prince of Egypt, Pinocchio, the Fox and the Hound, a Bug's Life, Pocahontas, Lord of the Rings and a boxed set of Snoopy.
Very varied. Now I can drop them at the op shop.
Visited the recycle yard today to dispose of the old sewing machine, old phones and a tiled chess board. May toss the big speakers but I wasn't sure if they were saleable at the Swap Meet. Also rang to ask the scrap metal man to take away the old microwave. I'm using the old Toshiba one that sat outside ready for me to use for dyeing. It was a throw away Dad used when he was at Cobden. If it lasts, I'll delay getting a new one until I come back in August.
Bin is full of old plastic pipes and scraps from the side of the shed. Very happy with that much of the tidy up.

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